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The Surge 2 – How to Beat Delver Echo Gamma

Some monsters can't stay dead.

by Brandon Adams


Delver Echo Gamma is much like its mates: a nanobeast with a temper. With this How-To guide you’ll be able to conquer this baddie with ease.

Sort of like Delver Echo Alpha, Delver Echo Gamma is based around one of the phases from the first Delver fight: in this case, phase three. Unlike Echo Alpha, Echo Gamma isn’t a boosted variant of the fight, but is more-or-less a repeat of The Delver’s third phase in a much smaller arena, making attacks substantially harder to avoid.

As before, nano mitigation will be of great assistance here, seeing as Delver Echo Gamma will leave nano pools around, but within a smaller arena. Poison damage will help you take the monster down quicker, just as before with its mates. Avoiding the nano pools will be infinitely more difficult, so having armor that reduces nano build-up is advised. It will swipe at you three times, and you can block these attacks, but as with the first Delver it will need five successful blocks to stagger. Instead, focus on its arms as you did before, and when they become nanoweapons break them. Echo Gamma will once again stagger, allowing you to press the attack and remove large chunks of its health. If the arms are not nanoweapons, then break a leg and attack that until new nanoweapons are spawned.

Once the beast is slain it will drop the Deflection Hardener implant, making your defenses stronger after successful blocks.

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