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The Surge 2 – How to Beat Goddess Helena

Better, faster, deadlier.

by Brandon Adams


Goddess Helena is a larger, nastier statue than its peers from Gideon’s Rock. With this How-To guide you’ll render it inert without trouble.

Goddess Helena is similar to the statues you fought back in Gideon’s Rock: it will slam its shield on the ground as you get near, perform blatantly telegraphed horizontal swipes, two vertical overhead strikes and blast you with its incendiary head laser to stack fire damage.

You’ll want to use charge attacks to disable Goddess Helena’s shield first: attacking any other part of her body will be an exercise in futility with it up. It will ground slam and disperse electrical damage with the shield whenever it is up and you are close, so if it raises its shield evade backwards and away. After that focus on a single part of its body: it will drop that segment as an armor schematic if dismembered. Keep an eye for when it brings its staff back, for its about to hit you with a swipe attacks. These can be parried, and will open Goddess Helena up to a counterattack if you parry three.  Goddess Helena will also send a shockwave of nano damage out in a cone in front of it regardless of range, telegraphed by it bringing its staff up and across its chest. Dodge out of the way to avoid the attack.

Goddess Helena uses its head laser more frequently than its lesser counterparts, so either duck around the corner leading to the hospital, or block the beam to minimize damage and heat build-up. The best approach to Goddess Helena is to wait on its swipe attacks and to get in a few attacks after it finishes. Keep the shield down, and block the head laser as its used. Focus on a single limb, and patiently poke at the boss until Goddess Helena is no more. Again, you’ll be rewarded an armor schematic for the body part you removed at the end of the fight.

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