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The Surge 2: How to Block, Directional Block & Counter

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and...counter?

by Brandon Adams


Need help learning how to dodging and countering enemies in The Surge 2? This guide will help you with the basics and get you countering enemies in no time.

Combat in The Surge 2 revolves around the usual Soulslike cadence of dodging, blocking, and countering.

Press in the direction of the attack while holding block and you can set your self for a perfect block

In The Surge 2 you can block attacks by holding down the Left Bumper or CTRL key. You will throw your hands up, but move slower. Attacks will consume stamina, and once out your block will be broken and you will take damage.

You can also block an attack in the direction it’s coming from for a parry if timed correctly with the new Directional Block. While blocking, move either the right stick or mouse in the direction of the incoming attack. Every time you move to block an attack you will consume stamina, so try and use a directional block only as the attack animation is about to connect. A early directional block will not mitigate damage, and you will eat the full brunt of the attack. There is an implant in-game, the Directional-Block Analyzer, that will highlight the direction an attack is coming. It will also shade the attack direction green for a successful parry, yellow for missed parry that still acts as a block, and red for a failed parry that caused you to take damage.

If you time the directional block correctly you will open up the enemy to a counter attack. A deep bass sound will queue and the camera will zoom in as the enemy staggers backwards. Just press the attack button (RB and RT, or left mouse and right mouse for horizontal and vertical attacks respectively) to deal massive damage.

Jump over or duck under attacks

You can also jump or duck under certain attacks. If the attack looks to be swinging low press either the left stick or hold down the space bar while standing still to leap over the attack. If the attack is swinging high press the A button or shift key while standing still to duck. If timed properly you will open the enemy to a counter-attack.

Furthermore, you can always dodge-counter: immediately after a dodge press the attack button to leap back into the fray and counter the enemy. They will not be more vulnerable during this, like other counters, but you get back in the fight and deal damage while the enemy is between attacks.