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The Surge 2: How to Change Weapons

Quickly swap between weapons.

by Brandon Adams


The Surge 2 has weapons…a horde of them to be exact, so you’d assume managing them would prove a hassle. Turns out that’s not the case.

Change weapons by either equipping them in the inventory, or by using the up d-pad/Q key to cycle favorites.

The Surge 2 makes weapon management simple. The most basic way to change a weapon is to select it within the gear menu. Voila: you’ve equipped a new weapon. What if you want to have more than one, however?

Simple: using either the X button or middle mouse button you can toggle a weapon as a favorite. There is no upper limit to how many weapons you can favorite (though, you may wanna keep the number low for practical purposes). Once in the world all you have to do it either click up on the d-pad, or press the Q key to cycle between them, in the order of they were selected. You can therefore set up your weapons to reflect different encounters, bosses, or moods. I would have a fist weapon, spear, and heavy-duty weapon toggled as favorites at all times to cycle between close-up quick brawling, rapid ranged strikes, or slow stagger prone attacks to better fit my mood and the enemies I was confronting.

There is no limit to what you can favorite, and you can open the gear menu between fights to alter your approach. The color coding also helps you tell which weapons are leveled up at a glance, so you can make smart choices when choosing weapons to take into battle and know which need components to further improve.

That’s how to change weapons in The Surge 2. Just, I dunno, maybe don’t go too crazy with the favorites.

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