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The Surge 2: How to Craft Equipment

Craft all you need with the right parts.

by Brandon Adams


Crafting is a simple affair in The Surge 2, so how do you do it? This How-To will walk you through the basics, beyond what the tutorial teaches.

To Craft you’ll need schematics as well as materials like components and scrap to complete

To begin, crafting requires you first unlock the schematic by dismembering your enemies. Once you have a schematic you can go to a med-bay and access the crafting screen.

Crafting is as easy as having the schematic, components, and the tech required to make it. Highlighting an item will show the scrap cost in the scrap wheel in the bottom left of the screen, which will highlight the scrap you’ll spend in white and what will remain in green (giving an at-a-glance look at just how much of your scrap will be consumed). If you are short on components you will need to dismember enemies with armor on the limb you are trying to craft a piece for (arms for arms, etc.). Scrap can be gained from killing enemies in general; going out and farming components should net you the scrap you need to finish your crafting.


Materials can be broken down from higher levels to lower levels

Components come in multiple tiers, but to craft a new schematic all that is required is Mk.1 (tier 1) materials. If you don’t have tier 1 materials, higher tier materials will be highlighted in the UI next to the tier it can be reduced down to at a 1:2 ratio. Keep downgrading materials until you have enough of the tier 1 materials, and the UI will revert back to what you see above, allowing you to craft the item. Bear in mind legs and arms need to be crafted twice to complete a set, and the UI color for the schematic icon will change to indicate you have crafted both. You have now learned how to craft in The Surge 2; it was as simple as advertised.

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