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The Surge 2: How to Fight Shielded Enemies

Break through shields with this method.

by Brandon Adams


In The Surge 2, there will sometimes being shielded enemies, goons that are harder to take down than their peers. There is a trick, however, to getting around this barrier.

Use a charged attack to break shields and heavy armor.

Shielded enemies will deflect any and all attacks thrown at them until their shield is broken. Some enemies may smash their shields on the ground when you are near and temporarily drop the shield, but there is a more permanent solution.

By holding down either attack button (RB/RT and left mouse/right mouse) you’ll start a charged attack. These will break through any shield, and render the enemy vulnerable to regular attacks. This technique also applies to heavier armor. The armor icon will be red on the inside, and as you use charge attacks the meter will deplete. Once the red is gone the enemy will stagger and you will have broken your foe’s shield or armor. Now you can attack as you normally would. Heavy armor doesn’t deflect attacks like a shield, but will be found more frequently on bosses and need to be broken to open up weakspots. Again, charge attack to quickly break the armor and get back to your regular attack patterns.

Now you know how to break shields and heavy armor in The Surge 2, and are ready to stomp even the staunchest of foes. Remember: charge attacks take a moment to ready, so you will be vulnerable as you deploy one. Try and wait for an enemy to finish attacking, then charge up and take that shield or armor clean off.

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