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The Surge 2: How to Get Schematics

Get the schematics you need to fuel your craziest builds.

by Brandon Adams


Schematics in The Surge 2 are how you make new armor pieces to better tackle the challenges ahead, but how do you get them? It’s rather simple, actually, and this How-To will show you how.

The quickest ways to get schematics is to attack enemy limbs

Have you seen an enemy wearing a piece of armor you don’t have? So long as you dismember the limb with the piece you want you will get the schematic for it. This means a full set requires you fight an enemy with that armor at least four times to get each piece. Want the arm piece? Chop off arms!

As an added bonus, you’ll get materials for that limb along with the schematic, and only one schematic is required to craft both arm slots and both leg slots. You’ll also likely get implants for decapitations, and weapons if you take off right arms.


Just make sure you save a battery charge as you fight an enemy to trigger the execution when the enemy is low on health. Also remember to focus on the limb with the equipment you want. If you don’t damage it enough you won’t be able to trigger an execution, and will likely kill the enemy before you can get it low enough to do so.

Congrats, you can now effectively farm schematics. Always remember to dismember opponents you’ve never fought before, or are wearing armor you don’t recognize. You can always check your crafting interface or inventory to see what schematics you have in a set (they can be filtered together).

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