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The Surge 2: How to Heal and Use Injectables

When aggression is key to survival.

by Brandon Adams


Combat in The Surge 2 is deadly, and keeping yourself healed is of the upmost importance. So, how do you do so? With injectable implants, of course.

Injectables are The Surge 2’s version of consumables: implants that will use battery charges to function. In the beginning of the game you will be given the Medi-Voltaic Injection, with two max pre-charges at the basic rank. While in combat you will build battery charges (up to three at the start). If you have a charge all you have to do is click the consumable button (B or the 1 key), and the battery charge will be used to trigger the injectable heal. If you have battery charges to spare, holding down the injectable button will instead “pre-charge” it, letting you stack charges for later use when you perhaps don’t have the battery to pop a heal. This promotes aggressive gameplay, so if you need to heal you need to attack.

Do note, that the game will prioritize a pre-charge when you use an injectable. You’d then have to spend battery to restore the charge; you will not heal with straight battery charges while there are pre-charges on your injectable.

Upgrading the implant will allow for two things: more pre-charges, and eventually pre-charge refills from the med-bay, so keep your injectables – especially the Medi-Voltaic – up to date via upgrading.

Also, worth noting: leveling up your battery with skill points increases the potency of your injectables, heal included. As you up your health you’ll want to invest points into your battery to keep your heal up to date, or to simply make your heal better. The health restored on the Medi-Voltaic, for example, will increase as you level up your battery, which you can see whenever you check the implant.

All of the above goes for ALL injectable implants. As you find and equip more remember to harvest upgrade components by decapitating your foes, and to invest points from leveling into your battery to boost their effectiveness.

That’s how to heal and use injectable implants in The Surge 2. You can always remove your healing implant, but why would you do something crazy like that…?

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