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The Surge 2: How to Increase Power

Increase your battery.

by Brandon Adams


Equipment and implants require power to use in The Surge 2, so it’s important to increase your power as you progress. Thankfully, it’s tied to leveling up.

Spend scrap at med-bays to level up and increase your core power.

Whenever you are at a med-bay you are given the option to use your acquired tech scrap to level up. When you do so you will not only be give two module points – to be spent upping your health, stamina, or battery – but you’ll increase your core power and therefore your power consumption.

Each level will provide you with one extra point in power consumption. Ergo: your level is how much power your exo-rig possess. Even without spending your module points, leveling will allow you to equip different armor, unlock additional mod slots (starting at level 20, then every ten levels after that till level 90), and equip more power hungry implants. Whatever scrap you don’t use – whether for leveling, constructing equipment, or upgrading items – can also be banked for use later and kept off your character (therefore preventing lose upon death).

Remember to visit med-bays often to level up: enemies may respawn, but there are so many shortcuts back to med-bays you should take advantage of every new one found. You’ll not only grow more powerful with more health, stamina, or battery, but will be able to take better equipment and more implants into battle.

That’s how to increase power in The Surge 2: level up at med-bays and increase in power. It’s so simple I could do it.

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