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The Surge 2: How to Target Body Parts, Cut off Limbs

Take what you want from your enemies, including their limbs.

by Brandon Adams


Dismemberment is the cornerstone of combat in The Surge 2; a means of gaining equipment, materials, and it looks fancy to boot. So, how do you do it?

Target lock an enemy and use the right stick or mouse scroll wheel to cycle between limbs.

Dismembering your enemies takes two steps. First you have to target them by clicking the right stick or the middle mouse wheel, then cycle between the limbs by flicking the right stick or scrolling the mouse wheel. Limbs will come in two flavors: armored and unarmored. Armored limbs yield equipment schematics or materials when dismembered, but take longer to take down. Unarmored limbs yield nothing, but help you take an enemy down quicker. It is worth noting that once you pick a limb to attack you focus on it. Switching limbs in combat will lead to you not reducing the armor to a low enough point to dismember prior to killing an enemy, giving you nothing. Also of note: if you target an enemy and do not select a limb you will do standard “white” damage: not as potent as attacking an unarmored limb, but not as low as attacking an armored limb. Ergo: always target a limb when engaging an enemy.

Once a limb is targeted, use either horizontal or vertical attacks to damage it. Depending on where the limb is, and how the enemy is moving you may find yourself striking other limbs and doing damage to them instead. Be patient, and attack when you have a clear shot on the targeted limb. If that proves too much to handle there is an implant – the Physical Aggression Redirector – that will ensure you always hit your targeted limb, but at 75-percent damage if you strike a limb you are not targeting. Once the limb and enemy’s health are low enough and you have at least one battery charge, the X button or E key will pop up. Hold the button down to trigger a dismemberment. Ta-da, you took someone’s arm off.

Bonus tip: the more enemies you dismember before returning to a med-bay, the higher your scrap multiplier will be, allowing you to gain more scrap from downed enemies.

With this knowledge you should be removing limbs with violent abandon in no time. Remember to target limbs with materials and equipment you need, or go for unarmored if you need to speed up a fight.

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