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Torchlight 3 – Forged Skills and Beginner’s Build

Take control of the mechanical marvel.

by Dean James


Torchlight 3 like most action RPGS in this style features a class based system that has multiple parts to it that you can upgrade throughout the game. This game specifically has four different classes to choose from including Sharpshooter, Dusk Mage, Railmaster, and Forged that each play quite different. This time we are focusing on the Forged class, which lets you take control of your own robotic character. This guide will give you a rundown of all of the skills available to you in the Forged class, as well as a recommended setup directly from the developer themselves.

Torchlight 3 Forged Skills

Forged is the mechanical class found in Torchlight 3 and there are plenty of neat skills to unlock in the game between the two skill trees for it that are known as Barrage and Brawl. You will need skill points to unlock there, which you will earn throughout the game. You can sort of figure out the areas you want to focus on here, so take a look at what there is to offer as part of the Forged class below.


  • Rapid Fire (Active)
    • Unleash a torrent of bullets for 40% Chest Gun Damage. Gain up to 10 stacks of 10% Weapon Damage multiplier for Rapid Fire each time you deal damage. Buff lasts 5 sec. (3 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Rapid Fire Boost can stack 3 more times.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +20% Barrage Skill damage.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Every 10th shot of Rapid Fire also shoots a Slug Shot, dealing Rapid Fire’s current Weapon Damage.
  • Vent: Coal Launch (Active)
    • Launch hot coals from your furnace that land and set the ground on fire. Based on your Heat Level it deals between 50% to 150% Chest Gun Damage on impact and 100% of the initial impact damage per second over time. (Vents all Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Coal Launch fires an additional large coal that hits for a second impact on the targeting position for Coal Launch’s current Weapon Damage.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +25% damage to Vent skills.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Increase the size of the burning Coal Launch area by 50%.
  • Shotgonne Blast (Active)
    • Wide cone-shaped attack that deals 70% Chest Gun Damage (13 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Shotgonne Blast gains 40% chance to Knockback enemies.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +20% Heat Dissipation.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – While above 50% Heat Shotgonne Blast fires a piercing, flaming projectile, dealing skill’s current Weapon damage.
  • Poison Dart (Active)
    • Fire a poison dart that explodes on impact, dealing 90% to an enemy on impact and leaves a lingering spot that Poisons enemies who stand in the area for 90% Chest Gun Damage as Poison per second for 6 sec. (15 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Poison Dart Slows enemies who pass through it.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +65% damage for your Pet.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Enemies killed while Poisoned by Poison Dart explode in a small area for Poison Dart’s current Weapon Damage.
  • Sonic Pulse (Active)
    • Unleash a pulse that exposes enemy weaknesses, increasing all damage against them by 40% for 6 sec.
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Sonic Pulse now Stuns enemies for 1 sec.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +10% Relic Energy Charge Rate.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Sonic Pulse now activates around you as well.
  • Slut Shot (Active)
    • Unleash a single, high-powered shot that pierces enemies for 200% Chest Gun Damage. (14 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – +25% Critical Hit chance for Slug Shot.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +10% Critical Hit chance for Barrage skills.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Every 4th Slugshot always critically hits and deals double damage.
  • Vent: Furnace Blast (Active)
    • Channel some of your heat to create a channeled blast of flame, dealing 100% Chest Gun damage, plus an additional 100% Chest Gun damage per second for 2 sec. (-50 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – -50% Heat cost for Furnace Blast.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +25% Damage to Burning Enemies.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Furnace Blast size increased by 50%.


  • Rapid Strike (Active)
    • Strike enemies in front of you with 4 rapid hits for 60% Weapon Damage each. (9 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Rapid Strike hits and additional time.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +20% Brawl Skills damage.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Rapid Strike attack speed is increased by +30%.
  • Vent: Vortex Bomb (Active)
    • Pulls foes toward you then unleashed a devastating explosion. Based on your Heat level it deals between 160% and 480% Weapon Damage. Doubles armor while being used. Stuns enemies for 1 sec. (Vents All Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Double Armor Bonus lasts for 4 sec. after using Vortex Bomb.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +20% damage reduction in melee combat.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Using Vortex Bomb lobs 4 Fire Bombs that deal skill’s current Weapon Damage in an area on impact.
  • Ramming Robot (Active)
    • Charge headlong into foes, dealing 240% Weapon Damage and knocking them back.
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Ramming Robot gains an additional charge.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +10% Damage to Relic Skills.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Ramming Robot leaves behind burning hotspots, dealing 100% Weapon Damage.
  • Servo-Driven Uppercut (Active)
    • Pound a single target directly in front of you with slow, hard-hitting hits of your fists, dealing 200% Weapon Damage with a 20% chance to Stun for 2 sec. (12 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – When Servo-Driven Uppercut Stuns, a large fist emerges from the ground, dealing damage a second time.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – +10% Critical Hit chance for Brawl skills.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Every 3rd hit of Servo-Driven Uppercut deals double damage.
  • Vent: Fracking Strike (Active)
    • Channel some of your heat into your fists and send rippling waves of earth that hit enemies multiple times for 0% Weapon Damage each and Slow enemies by 50% for 4 sec. (-50 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Fracking Strike does two close small impact hits to enemies directly in front of you for the skill’s base weapon damage.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – =10% to all Forged Skill Cooldowns.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Fracking Strike shockwave size is doubled.
  • Power Projection (Active)
    • Emit and energy field granting allies standing in the area 50% bonus defense (20 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – Power Projection now heals you and your allies for 15% of your total health on start.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – Tour Block chance is increased by +10% for 4 sec. after venting.
      • Tier 3 Bonus – Power Projection makes you and your allies Invulnerable for 1 sec. on cast.
  • Cyclone Mode (Active)
    • Spin your way through foes, dealing 70% area Weapon Damage per sec. (30 Heat)
      • Tier 1 Bonus – 30% Cyclone Mode Heat cost.
      • Tier 2 Bonus – 15% chance to heal for 3% total Health on hit for Brawl skills (2 sec. cooldown)
      • Tier 3 Bonus – After channelling Cyclone Mode for 1 sec., you explode for 100% Weapon Damage every second.

Forged Beginner Build: Clockwork Lawnmower

Relic: Blood Drinker

Core Skills: Cyclone Mode, Vortex Bomb (Vent), Drain, Dance of Death

Support Skills: Power Projection, Sonic Pulse, Fracking Strike (Vent), Poison Dart, Ramming Robot

Passives: Rupture, Energizer, Bloody Chalice

Legendarium: Arc-Powered Treads, Unstable War Arm, Arc-Powered Shoulders

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