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Torchlight 3 – Sharpshooter Skills and Beginner’s Build

by Brandon Adams


The sharpshooter in Torchlight 3 is a master of ranged combat, and their Precision and Adventurer skill trees allow them to pelt enemies from afar with a volley of arrows, whilst summoning various pets to murder their foes.  Listed below are all the available skills for the Sharpshooter in Torchlight 3, as well as the suggested beginner’s build from Echtra Games themselves.

Torchlight 3 Sharpshooter skills.

Skills for the Sharpshooter in Torchlight 3 are broken into two skill trees: Precision and Adventurer. Every skill has ten levels, and three different tier bonuses unlocked at 3, 6, and 10 skill points. Bonuses to damage, duration, or cooldown are available to some skills with each invested skill point.


  • Tight Grouping (Active) – Damage increased with each skill point.
    • Fire a slim cluster of arrows dealing 150% Weapon Damage to all targets in the arc (4 ammo).
      • Tier 1 – Tight Grouping now Slows enemies for -40% movement speed for 2 sec.
      • Tier 2 – +10% Relic Energy Charge Rate.
      • Tier 3 – Tight Grouping now fires a second burst every third volley.
  • Onslaught (Active) – Duration increased with each skill point.
    • Rain down a hailstorm of arrows from the sky dealing 60% Weapon Damage and lasting 4 sec (10 ammo).
      • Tier 1 – +50% Duration for Onslaught.
      • Tier 2 – +10% Damage to Relic Skills.
      • Tier 3 – Onslaught’s rain of arrows now includes explosive arrows that detonate in a small area for 75% Weapon Damage.
  • Targeted Strikes (Active) – Damage increased with each skill point.
    • Fire three piercing shots, each dealing 110% Weapon Damage (5 ammo).
      • Tier 1 – Each successive hit in a vollet now deals +25% more Damage.
      • Tier 2 – +30% Ammo recharge rate.
      • Tier 3 – Every third Targeted Strikes fires larger arrows that deal double Damage.
  • Reload (Active) – Cooldown reduced with each skill point.
    • Restore all your ammo and reset the cooldowns for all of your Adventurer skills.
      • Tier 1 – Reload reduces Ammo costs by -25% for 6 secs.
      • Tier 2 – +30% Damage for Precision Skills.
      • Tier 3 – Reload gains a Charge.
  • Explosive Arrow (Active) – Damage increased with each skill point.
    • Fire an explosive-tipped arrow that detonates on impact for 280% Weapon Damage (5 ammo).
      • Tier 1 – Explosive Arrow makes enemies Burn for 50% Weapon Damage for 3 sec.
      • Tier 2 – 5% Chance for Precision Skills to Stun for 1 sec.
      • Tier 3 – Using Explosive Arrow makes your next three ranged Basic Attacks explode for 50% Weapon Damage.
  • Heart Seeker (Active) – Bleed damage increased with each skill point
    • Fire a piercing arrow that knocks enemies back and does 280% Weapon Damage on hit and leaves them Bleeding for 40% Weapon Damage for 6 sec (7 ammo).
      • Tier 1 – Heart Seeker Ammo Cost Removed.
      • Tier 2 – 5% chance for Precision Skills to Heal you for 5% of your Total Health on Hit.
      • Tier 3 – Heart Seeker now fires 3 missiles that seek out enemies, dealing Heart Seeker’s Weapon Damage.
  • Scattershot (Active) – Damage increased with each skill point.
    • Use your ranged weapon and do a short range, wide cone burst of projectiles, each dealing 290% Weapon Damage. Holding it down increases the damage up to 870% (5 ammo).
      • Tier 1 – +50% for Scattershot’s Range.
      • Tier 2 – +50% Damage for Ranged Basic Attacks.
      • Tier 3 – Scattershot’s fully charged bonus is increased by +50%.


  • Scout’s Bones (Active) – Damage increased with each skill point.
    • Summon an ancient rat spirit swarm that moves slowly, piercing targets for 120% Weapon Damage and leaves them Poisoned for another 60% Weapon Damage for 2 sec.
    • Adventurer Bonus: your next three Precision skills apply Scout’s poison. Duration: 6 sec.
      • Tier 1 – Scout’s Bones now gives an extra stack of its Precision Skill buff.
      • Tier 2 – +10% Critical Hit Chance for Precision Skills.
      • Tier 3 – Scout’s Bones now fires three balls of rats.
  • Goblin Legion (Active) – Damage increased with each skill point.
    • Summon a pack of goblins to attack your foes.
      • Tier 1 – 12 sec. Increased Lifespan for Goblins.
      • Tier 2 – +65% damage for your Pet.
      • Tier 3 – Goblin Legion now summons a Ghostly Goblin Brite who deals 75% of your Weapon Damage
  • Ghost Visage (Active) – Increased Critical Hit Change after use increased with each skill point.
    • Drop into the spirit realm and reappear in a new location, after which you are Intangible, making you unable to be targeted or take damage for 6 sec. or until you attack again.
    • Adventurer Bonus: your next three Precision skills’ critical hit chance increased by 50%.
      • Tier 1 – Ghost Visage gains an additional Charge.
      • Tier 2 – 25% chance to become Intangible after using a Potion for 3 sec.
      • Tier 3 – Triggering Ghost Visage leaves behind a spectre at your starting location that Taunts enemies for 2 sec.
  • Rizzi’s Fate (Active) – Increased damage with each skill point.
    • Summon a field of hungry demon spirits collectively known as Rizzi, whose grasping hands damage enemies for 70% Weapon Damage and slows them for -50%. Area lasts 6 sec.
    • Adventurer Bonus: your next three Precision skills will immobilize targets for 2 sec.
      • Tier 1 – +50% Duration for Rizzi’s Fate.
      • Tier 2 – +10% Damage to Blinded, Slowed, or Stunned enemies.
      • Tier 3 – A ghostly Netherim caster appears in Rizzi’s Fate spell area, attacking enemies for 50% Weapon Damage.
  • Sacrifice to Goose (Active) – Increased damage with each skill point.
    • Call down the spirit of a great eagle you call ‘Goose’ who deals 60% Weapon Damage, knocks back enemies, and applies a 25% damage vulnerability to them for 6 sec.
    • Adventurer Bonus: your next three Precision skills will fire three ghostly eagle missiles on activation, dealing 40% Weapon Damage on hit.
      • Tier 1 – +20% Damage Vulnerability for Sacrifice to Goose.
      • Tier 2 – -10% for Sharpshooter Skill Cooldowns.
      • Tier 3 – Sacrifice to Goose’s Adventure Bonus fires two additional eagles.
  • Curse of Pi’pi (Active) – Increased damage with each skill point.
    • Conjure forth the watchful presence of the insanity-inducing god Pi’pi, inflicting 60% weapon damage and reducing their damage by -25% for 6 sec.
    • Adventurer Bonus: your next three precision skills will also apply this curse, stacking it up to two times.
      • Tier 1 – Killing a cursed enemy now return 10% ammo.
      • Tier 2 – 10% chance to return Ammo on kill for Precision skills.
      • Tier 3 – Curse of Pi’pi pulses an additional two times after its initial activation.
  • Loyal Shasta (Active) – Increased damage with each skill point.
    • Summon a ghostly hound to to taunt enemies.
      • Tier 1 – 12 sec. increased summon duration for Shasta.
      • Tier 2 – 50% increased Damage to Taunted enemies.
      • Tier 3 – Shasta now has a burning area around her, dealing 50% Weapon Damage.

Sharpshooter Beginner Build: You’ve Got a Friend in Me.

Relic: Coldheart.

Core Skills: Rizzi’s Fate, Loyal Shasta, Ice Golem, Goblin Legion.

Support Skills: Basic Attack, Tight Grouping, Ice Shield, Ghost Visage, Sacrifice to Goose.

Passives: Frost Skin, Large Bores, Energizer.

Legendarium: Ryeful of Leedarshap, Shasta’s Promise, The Ancient One’s Token

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