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Tribes of Midgard: How to Use Bifrost

The Bifrost lets you end the game early and bank your progress.

by William Schwartz


The Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard is an important piece of the puzzle when trying to make meaningful progress in the game.  While it might not be immediately known how or when to use the Bifrost this guide will explain everything you need to know about using the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard.

How to Use the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard

When you start out in a given round of Tribes of Midgard the Bifrost actually will not be available to use.  You have to get to at least day three to use the Bifrost and you must defeat the giant boss that spawns on that day.  Once you defeat this boss the Bifrost will be available to use.

Where is the Bifrost

The Bifrost can be found on the world map and is portrayed by an icon.  It looks like a crown.  The exact location of the Bifrost will change from game to game but it will almost always be close to the village.

When should you use the Bifrost

The Bifrost will essentially allow you to quit the game early and bank any progress that you’ve made.  If defending the village is becoming more and more difficult with each round, it might be wise to take any Golden Horns you’ve earned and end the game early.  You can then take those horns and use them to purchase different upgrades or items.  Remember, if the village falls you lose your progress so using the Bifrost to exit is the key to progressing further and further in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about using the Bifrost in Tribes of Midgard.  Check out our recent Tribes of Midgard review for more information on the game.

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