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Untitled Goose Game – How to Get Hat (Groundskeeper to Wear the Sun Hat)

That poor groundskeeper

by Kyle Hanson


As you venture off on your adventure through Untitled Goose Game you’ll be tasked with a lot of objectives that might not make total sense. You are but a simple goose, and yet you are told to get these massive and dangerous humans to do things that seem out of your control. It’s not though. Through the power of your honk you can do anything you could ever dream. So here’s how to make the Groundskeeper wear his sun hat in Untitled Goose Game.

How to Get Hat

People ask how to get the hat, because they think their job is to put the hat on the Groundskeeper’s head, or to get it in front of him. This is actually wrong. You’re just a goose, and you need to act like it. This means being a bit chaotic and really somewhat of a jerk. Your job is to disrupt, and let the people accomplish the tasks for you. With this in mind, here’s how to handle this mission.

All you need to do is knock the Groundskeeper’s hat off his head and he’ll handle the rest. But this requires some patience on the player’s part. Leave the guy alone for a bit and let him go through his usual routine within the garden. What you’re looking for is for him to relax, at which point he’ll take his current hat off. This is when you strike.

Move in quick and grab the hat from his hand. If you’re successful he’ll take a moment and then head to the shed and grab the sun hat. He’ll pop it on and you’ll be good to go. If you fail just relax, give him a minute or two, and try again. Either way, that’s how to get the Groundskeeper to wear the sun hat in Untitled Goose Game.

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