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Untitled Goose Game – How to Set the Table

Time for a stealthy dinner

by Kyle Hanson


You have a lot of things on your to-do list in Untitled Goose Game, but most involve accomplishing a single task. This isn’t the case for the “set the table” objective, which appears while in the Pub. This one takes some work, and will require all the goosey stealth skills you’ve acquired while on your journey. To help break it down, here’s a quick guide on how to set the table in Untitled Goose Game.

How to Set the Table

Like many things in Untitled Goose Game, there’s a few ways to accomplish this task. The short answer is that you need to place a plate, silverware, candles, and pepper onto the wooden spindle found toward the back of the pub. All of these items are found throughout the stage, but you need to get them without someone spotting you. If you want to just have some fun, explore the map and find each of the necessary items and figure out a way to extricate them. Place them on the wooden spindle and you’ll check another item off your to-do list. If you want more help with setting the table, keep reading.

An easy to get plate is found in the backroom of the pub, so grab it whenever you’re nearby. There’s lots to choose from, but this is the easiest to get without being spotted. Next up you can head to the patio area for the silverware, candle, and pepper. The silverware, meaning a fork and knife, are all over the place, so grab any that are unguarded while you work on the other two items. Candles are near the top of the patio while pepper is toward the bottom.

If someone spots you while you have the items you need you can get away quickly using the small passage to the left of the stairs heading to the upper patio area. Find them on tables without people watching, grab them, and put them on the wooden spindle, and that’s how to set the table in Untitled Goose Game.

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