Unturned Update 1.10 Patch Notes

This Unturned update brings a lot of fixes and changes into the game.

by Carlos Hurtado


Update 1.10 has arrived for Unturned, and here’s a list with all the changes and additions added with this patch. This Unturned update brings something for everyone, from changes to the map to bug fixes to the ps4 version of the game. The developer even managed to fix several SFX effects, fixing sound effects and more across many items. Here’s everything new Unturned update 1.10.

Unturned Update 1.10 Patch Notes

General Bugs

  • Soulcrystal puzzle door letters are now displayed correctly in the text entry field when interacting with
  • Cases of severe screen shakiness while riding a vehicle have been addressed
  • In some cases, it was possible to fall through the ground once respawning home
  • [Greece][Cyprus Survival] Sometimes dying in a vehicle inside a tunnel caused the Character to lose collision with the ground and drop through the map.
  • Map scrolling in the menù caused a few instances of users losing the gamepad’s input
  • The second digit of a two-digit profile level number now shows correctly
  • “Select” text in the Skins Filters window now shows correctly
  • The character class tab headers now show the appropriate text
  • The bottom 3 character slots names in the Splitscreen menu now display their name correctly
  • The Invite Friend option of the Pause Menu now shows the appropriate text
  • Enable Votify field is not greyed out when selected anymore
  • “Chart Available” text in the World Options is now displaying correctly
  • Some issues in accessing the Server Browser page were addressed
  • Saving and exiting after respawning while piloting an aircraft will cause it to remain suspended in mid-air
  • Aircrafts will now not remain suspended in mid-air after saving and exiting after respawning while piloting
  • Airplanes used to behave like hovercrafts once the vehicle fuel reached 0 while in mid-air, they will now act as airplanes and fall
  • Experience points numbers don’t overlap the Available Experience Points text in the Skills menu anymore
  • The Psychedelic substance consumption effect now changes the model’s color accordingly, the associated VFX has also been softened
  • The Double Down shotgun is now properly displayed on the user character model and so are the missing inventory icons
  • World props will not disappear anymore when the user crosses a certain threshold
  • “Confirm” input is now accepted after deleting a server
  • “#NAME” is not shown anymore in place of the names of all maps in Server Browser and My Servers
  • Text is not duplicated or covered by pictures anymore in the Appearance tab of the Character Edit menu
  • Font sizes have been synched for the Settings text in the Options Menu
  • Certain weapon attachments’ names did not fit the Attachments UI, they now do
  • In certain instances the view camera used to glitch and show the back of the model, this has been fixed
  • Button’s legend from the Character Menu is now displayed correctly
  • [Hawaii] The “Dangerous Distractions” Mission objectives are now properly tracked
  • Several cases NPC dialogues not fitting properly in the text box have been addressed
  • The Carjack can now be used inside Safe zones
  • The Item amount and weight are now displayed correctly in the Inventory
  • Vehicle inertia will not be lost when switching seats anymore

SFX Bugs

  • Fixed a few instances where no SFXs were triggered when picking up or dropping items
  • Accessory items like a headlamp, night vision, or flashlight will now play the appropriate SFX when turned on or off
  • [Cyprus Survival] Re-balanced audio levels
  • Fixed a few instances where no SFXs played when crafting/salvaging items in the Utility Menus
  • The decoy grenades now play their specific sound effects
  • The DJ’s mixer at the Floating Island now properly plays all of its SFXs

Elver Map specific Bugs

  • The flashbang grenade now has the appropriate visual effect
  • In some cases, it was possible to complete the Servant quest before taking the quest from Rainwright
  • Cultist zombies now have the appropriate idle animation
  • Backing out of a Trade window won’t leave the user unable to select the trade option again anymore
  • The Sword of the light icon is now properly displayed
  • The appropriate recipe is now provided to craft a “purified” canteen
  • Shutters’ models and animations are now properly displayed
  • In some cases, multiple interact prompts were present for every NPC
  • The Blizzard VFX has been adjusted for better visibility
  • Cultists won’t respawn during the Pause Menu anymore
  • The Devastator Turret now functions properly
  • Household props won’t disappear anymore when the user crosses a certain threshold
  • Adjusted several collision points throughout the map, reducing instances of OOM
  • Under certain conditions in split-screen Player 1 could control Player 2’s character
  • The double door between Zombie Nelson’s room and the Safezone is now closed before defeating him
  • Certain items’ descriptions used to spill out of the Vendor UI
  • Players won’t be able to salvage the unobtainable military radio object on the DJ’s table anymore
  • The required “Condition” text now properly fits the UI
  • The pig cannon on the Floating Island now properly shoots pigs

PS4 specific Bugs

  • Big J’s rescue dialogue has been adjusted
  • Nelson’s character on the Washington level will now display its clothes appropriately
  • The “Candy Cane” does now consumes stamina when performing a power attack
  • The Confetti Launchers now display the correct VFX
  • The “Renegade” bow now has the appropriate 3D model in first-person camera mode, when equipped on the character
  • The Character won’t be affected by the Bone Breaking effect in Safe zones anymore
  • The ammunition glitch has been addressed
  • Character selection now properly functions in Split Screen mode
  • Aiming down the “Makeshift Scope” won’t snap the camera to the sky while also displaying corrupted visuals anymore
  • “Bunk Bed” and its variations can now be placed in the world
  • Andre’s blue balloon now points in the right direction
  • Some VFX issues with bodies of water were addressed
  • There was an Invisible collision for the medieval gate under the Prison
  • Water bubbling below Item Factory now displays the correct texture
  • Military Radio can now be placed in the world
  • Texts in the “White Room” on the Floating Island are now visible
  • Resuming the title while vehicles are at top speed won’t result in a loss of collision with the level elements anymore
  • Hay Bales found in the world now absorbs fall damage
  • The Cut-down shotgun is now properly displayed on the user model
  • The user could previously unlock the “Survivor” and the “Unturned” achievements in a non-intended way

PS4 players got some specific fixes this time, so that version of the game should perform a lot better after implementing this patch. Issues regarding visual and sound effects were also fixed on the PS4 version of the game. Besides these fixes, some items like the Confetti launchers and the Renegade bow received a fix as well, so their users should notice a change next time they play with them.

Unturned is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. For more information regarding this update go to the official Unturned forums.

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