Unturned Update Patch Notes

Don't worry you'll get more fps after this patch

by Carlos Hurtado
Unturned Update

Update has arrived for Unturned, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. Some of the changes implemented in this patch try to improve the performance of the game, letting players enjoy the full experience without looking nervously at the frames per second counter every time they get into a highly-populated area. Here’s everything new with Unturned update

Unturned Update Patch Notes


  • Pooling (recycling) for barricades and structures to improve multiplayer performance.
  • Accepted several curated workshop skins.


  • Replaced profanity filter with Steam text filter for performance reasons. The old naive filter can be re-enabled with the “-NoSteamTextFiltering” command-line flag.
  • Improved clothing CPU and RAM usage. Previously the textures were combined on the CPU rather than a shader.
  • Custom clothing can now disable the CPU readable flag and is no longer limited to 128×128.


  • The fishing catch timer not getting randomized.
  • Grid snapping when dragging on a plane.
  • Use vehicle exit position when saving passenger position.
  • Slight discoloration on plush item face.
  • Include Level.hierarchy file in the level hash.


Barricade and Structure Changes

This update expands on the base-building optimizations from the update by pooling barricades/structures that have been previously loaded. Rather than destroying these items when an area is unloaded they are now recycled (pooled) and reused in the next loaded area. Many changes and optimizations were made to the code for each barricade type (e.g., generators, mannequins, signs) to take advantage of this performance improvement, so there will probably be some unusual bugs to track down.

Modded barricades/structures with custom logic may need editing before they become compatible with pooling. To work around this, pooling can be disabled per item by adding the line “Eligible_For_Pooling false” to their .dat file.

All in all, these changes are going to have a positive impact on how the game performs on several pc configurations. If you want to read the full patch notes, make sure to go to the game’s Steam page, thee you will find everything you need.

Unturned is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.