V Rising Servant Guide: Farm Resources With the Best Servants

Work smarter, not harder.

by Diego Perez


Once you become a semi-powerful vampire in V Rising, you can enlist the help of servants and thralls to do your bidding and collect resources for you. V Rising is still a survival game, so gathering resources and keeping your Castle Heart powered is a problem that all vampires have to deal with. Thankfully, servants can eliminate a large chunk of the tedious grind so you can focus on taking down bosses and acquiring powerful new gear. Here’s everything you need to know about servants in V Rising.

How to Get Servants in V Rising

You will unlock servants through normal play just by following the provided missions the game gives you. Eventually, you will receive a quest called Army of Darkness that tasks you with dominating a human and converting them into a servant.

This will unlock the Castle Throne blueprint, which will allow you to manage your servants and send them to gather resources for you. A Castle Throne costs 16 Planks, 8 Copper Ingots, and 1 Greater Blood Essence to construct.


Your servant will need a Servant Coffin. You can have 9 of these per Castle Heart, so playing with a group will allow you to maximize your resource input by pooling all of your thralls together. To send your servant out on missions, interact with your Castle Throne and select a location on the map. Then, your servant will automatically gather resources for you in the background while you focus on more entertaining tasks.

Each mission will have different chances of success and different modifiers that make the experience more difficult for your servants. You can counter this by sending a servant with good perks and by altering the mission length, as faster missions will be much riskier. To collect your servant’s rewards after a mission is complete, visit them in their Servant Coffin once they return.

The Best Servant Types

Not all servants are created equal, and selecting a prime specimen to enlist as your thrall will make a huge difference in how efficient they are when working. There are five main factors that determine how effective your servant is:

  • Class
  • Faction
  • Blood Type
  • Blood Quality
  • Gear


The Blood Type of your servant will determine which perks it will receive, similar to the perks you receive by feeding on that type of unit. The servant’s Blood Quality determines how powerful the perks are when a thrall is recruited. The servant’s Faction, determined by the region it comes from, provides it with another passive perk, and the gear that you give your servant will increase its stats accordingly.

Of course, the overall Class of your servant matters a lot as well. This is the type of human that you’ve captured, ranging from hunters to archers to bandits. Bandits are best for resource gathering, archers are naturally better at hunting, and so on. It’s best to combine the Class you want with a complementary Faction buff, that way you can make the most out of both perks.


For example, all Hunters have a perk that reduces difficulty by 100 when hunting areas inhabited by creatures and demons. A Hunter from the Dunley Farmlands region will secure 20% more loot from hunts in the Dunley Farmlands area. If you capture a servant that fits those criteria, you’d want to send them on hunting missions in that area to get the most possible rewards for the least amount of risk.

Optimizing your roster of servants is very worth it in the long run since it means you can spend more time doing the fun stuff and letting them handle all the busy work. Plus, stronger servants are less likely to die, so you don’t have to spend all your time seeking out replacements.

V Rising is available now in early access on Steam.

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