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Valheim: How to Beat Stone Golems

These behemoths can be quite a pain to defeat, if you don't know this simple trick.

by Victor Vellas


Valheim may not have a plethora of enemy types in its biomes, but the ones it has, do make quite an impression. Such is the case with Stone Golems, giant creatures that not only pack quite a punch, but are able to withstand a lot of pain as well. That is unless you know a very unique way of beating them, which I will explain right below.

How to beat Stone Golems in Valheim

Stone Golems can only be encountered if you walk past by them, while they are asleep. They of course look like big rocks, hence it is difficult to notice them. When you walk close to them though, the moment you aggro them they stand up and start their chase towards you. Please note that they also wake up when other creatures get near them, so don’t be surprised if you notice one beating the heck out of a wolf and the likes.

If you decide facing head on the golem, you will be in for a treat, as almost any weapon type can barely scratch them. At least in the early stages of your character progression. Therefore, there is only one very effective of dealing with them, and it involves your trusty Pickaxe. You heard that right, the Pickaxe is there for mining ores, but can be used against Stone Golems for maximum efficiency. They are vulnerable to it and they won’t be able to stand a lot of the Pickaxe’s swings.

That said, not everything is as easy as it sounds. The Pickaxe can also terrarform the ground by mining it, so a missed hit will leave you vulnerable to its attacks. In order to avoid this, it is highly advised to attack the golem while jumping, or try to get on top of it while aiming downwards. They will be taken out very fast by this method, so keep a Pickaxe ready with you at all times, to make quick work of any Stone Golem. They drop some nice items as well, in the form of Crystals and their respective Stone Golem Trophy, so farming them is well worth it.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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