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Valheim – How to Enable PvP

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by Joshua Garibay


Valheim is primarily a PvE affair, a refreshing yet uncommon preference for survival games. Teamwork sits at the forefront of the formula, which is one of the most alluring traits of the Early Access title.

That’s not to say that the indie Viking game is void of PvP. Players can satiate their barbaric tendencies and battle each other, should they tire of cutting down the AI-controlled enemies scouring the lands. Here, we’ll show you how to cross axes with other players.

How to Enable PvP

PvP is disabled by default in Valheim. No matter how much you swing sharpened weapons at another player, no damage will be done.

To remedy this, head to the Inventory screen. At the top-right underneath the character’s name are four icons: a raven, a valknut symbol, a trophy, and two vertical swords. Click the two swords.

Upon clicking the vertical swords, the symbol will change to two crossed swords. This is followed by on-screen text stating “PVP-damage enabled.”

Remember, PvP in Valheim is consensual. The opposing player must also activate this setting for the duel to take place. As long as that parameter is met on both ends, the fight can commence!

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