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Valheim – How to Get Flint

Flint is a basic ingredient you need, so let's see where you can find it.

by Victor Vellas


Valheim has a ton of items and materials to find through its biomes, all of them enabling you to craft their corresponding tools and equipment. Naturally, as you progress through the game, more and more start becoming discoverable with the rarest of them residing to hard to reach locations. This is not the case with our topic in hand here, Flint, as it is very easy to find it being an early game ingredient for better items.

Where and how to find Flint

We need to start with being within the Meadows biome. This is where Flint can found plenty. What you need to do right after, is to look for any area with water. And by ‘any’, I really mean any area that has water nearby. Rivers; lakes, ponds, you name it. After picking your location, simply have your camera slightly curved to the ground. Flint looks like big pebbles, and can be found at the edges of that water place you found. Not inside a lake for example, but rather at the point where land starts. Try to traverse its perimeter, and you will for sure find 1-2 Flint stones at least by doing so. Repeat that to any place with water you find in your adventure, within this specific biome, and you will farm Flint in no time.

Valheim is available through Steam Early Access.


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