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Valheim – How to Protect Items from the Rain

A roof above our heads makes a lot of difference. Like in real life.

by Victor Vellas


Like in real life, harsh conditions in Valheim can really hinder your time within the game. Rain especially, can constantly damage your outdoor crafted items. Wood, tools, the workbench itself and many more, receive weather damage as they stay unprotected within the rain. Whenever that is the case, you can go to each item individually and repair it with your trusty hammer. That is fine at first when you only have a small amount of establishments to take care of, but when you start expanding through your huge in-game’s world, maintenance of a multitude of items is not easy. We have the perfect solution for you, right below.

How to protect items from being damaged by the rain.

Whenever is raining in Valheim, any wooden items you have left outside a protected environment, will receive damage overtime, eventually making them unusable. Therefore, all you have to do in order for them to be safe without rain reaching them, is to build roofs above them. Any kind of roof will do the trick, so there is no reason to spend a huge amount of resources to do so. Simply snap the cheapest roof you can to any wooden wall or item, and they will be completely safe.

Additionally, please note that certain items do not take rain damage, like for example wooden carts and stone buildings (Smelter etc.), so before placing roofs to everything you own, try and see first if they are actually damaged by the rain. This small quality of life action can save you a lot of time, from running to all of your wooden crafts and repair them manually.

Valheim is now in Early Access, through Steam.


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