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Valheim – How to Transfer Items Between Worlds

Don't worry if you ended up with a mediocre biome, we got you covered.

by Victor Vellas


There is no doubt that each world/biome in Valheim is equally unique and beautiful, but it goes without saying that we more often than not, end up with average maps. That being due to average spots for houses, resources, bad enemy placement, weather conditions and many more. Even so, there are times where we endured those harsh instances and dealt with those maps either way.

Other times, we just have the urge to explore something new, finding new secrets and establishing new home bases, expanding our reign. For that and all of the above, jumping to a new world is always something anyone would be excited about. It is not as easy as it sounds though, since changing worlds means that we leave everything we own back to the previous one. Or do we?

How to transfer items between worlds.

Creating or logging in to an existing new world, is simple. You choose the desired character, and you throw him in there just with a couple of clicks. But, we only have with us the items that are in that character’s inventory, leaving every structure and building we created at our old place. Other items like materials, weapons, and in general anything that wasn’t in the inventory, is left behind as well.

So, the workaround for this is what you would have guessed by now. Pick any important item you have up until now, put it in your inventory, and then jump to your new world. While there, try and build a small house with boxes that you can store your items. Leave everything there, and then repeat the process. Go back to your old biome, pick up again anything you’d like, and transfer them with this way to the new one. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed. Doing so, you will have anything you need to continue your journey to this new and unexplored place, instead of starting from scratch.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access.


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