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Valheim: Where to Find Rancid Remains

Here's how you can encounter this rare enemy

by Victor Vellas


Different kind of enemies are spread out all over the place in the world of Valheim, with Rancid Remains being one of the more rare-ish ones out there. While they resemble a greenish version of regular skeletons, they are way stronger than them, paired with some nasty poison attacks, making the encounter with them a little more troublesome. Below you can find how and where to look for them, to loot their materials and trophy.

How and where to find Rancid Remains in Valheim

There are two ways of finding Rancid Remains in your biome, with one being the legitimate method, and the other using certain ‘cheats’. If you don’t mind using the latter, then the process is really simple, and we will go into detail for the first way as well.

The way of encountering Rancid Remains the easy way, is to spawn them through console commands. You can even spawn only their dropped items and Trophies, so if that’s what you are looking for, by typing devcommands in the F5 console, and then type the spawn TrophySkeletonPoison command, you will be able to create those items right away.

If you want to go the normal and regular route, then Rancid Remains in Valheim can be located in Burial Chambers, found mostly in the Black Forest and very rarely in the Meadows. If you explore the dungeon-like area for a while, you may spot those green skeletons, lurking in there. They are not a threat on their own, besides their poison attack, but if you are flanked by a couple of them things may get bad really quickly.

Another way of finding these skeletons is through the Skeleton Surprise event, but since these are not a solid way of farming for any kind of item and material, they are not recommended to solely depend on for farming these creatures. Simply dungeon-crawl a little through Burial Chambers, and you will encounter as many Rancid Remains as you like.

Valheim is now available through Steam Early Access. For more info about the game, make sure to check the official website.


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