Valorant: Best Killjoy Bind Setups

The best setups for Killjoy on the map Bind.

Valorant Killjoy

Valorant has many maps to learn about and utilizing effective setups with agents such as Killjoy will ensure you stand out on the field in a map like Bind. There are a variety of setups that you can use in each map but it is important that you know some of the very best. This article will take you through all of the best setups on Bind for Killjoy in Valorant.

Greatest Valorant Killjoy Bind Setups

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As with all of our other guides for Killjoy, turret spots are marked in black, alarm bot spots in red, and swarm grenade spots in blue. If you are wanting to make sure Killjoy can cause the most chaos for the enemy team, then I recommend that you make good use of the setups below. Killjoy is an excellent agent to have on Bind.

Site A

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

A Site of Bind actually provides a wide array of turret spots, which can be great for surprising the enemy. I recommend using the spots left of showers if you’re looking for great intel on enemies committing to the site and, of course, those coming out of showers themselves.

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You can find ample success in turrets on the truck, in heaven, or in the corner near lamps though. The ones on top of the stacked wooden crates and on the metal sheet can be nice as well if you feel like something fresh.

The alarm bot spots are pretty standard, being at the entrance of showers and in combination with swarm grenades. All can provide devastating damage. Otherwise, the swarm grenades on the default plant sites can help to delay the enemy spike plant and buy your team valuable time.

Site B

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Moving over to site B, your options are considerably more limited. Despite that, one of the most powerful alarm bot setups in the game is here, located just under the window. This is particularly good since enemies have no way of suspecting it given its lack of audio cue until they’ve already jumped out.

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The swarm grenades are there to, of course, melt those caught in the confusion. The other alarm bot and swarm grenade spots are great for covering default plant sites and in the tube. Beyond that, these four turret spots are your best bet for free damage. The one located just behind the tube can be particularly cheeky on pistol round since it’s hard to hit and can score a lot of chip damage for your team.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

While that covers most things, a few nasty setups in the window can still score some nice damage from what I’ve observed. In particular, a turret on the boxes in the back corner can catch anyone committing to a push. The alarm bot and swarm grenade are there to, of course, deal some decent damage to anyone who dares push here. I don’t recommend setting your gear up in here too often, but unpredictability can always be your best friend.

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That’s all of the best setups on Bind for Killjoy in Valorant! Hopefully, this guide helped you make the best of the character, alongside all of our other guides for Killjoy on the various maps.

- This article was updated on July 19th, 2023