Valorant: Best Viper Fracture Lineups and Setups

No one can scream when they can't breathe!

by Amitesh Dhar

Viper might be one of the most picked controllers in Valorant, but for maps like Fracture, there’s very little that she can do. Although her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud abilities can still be used to set up choke points and create one-ways, it’s really hard to get an accurate lineup with her Snake Bite ability primarily because both the sites aren’t that exposed on this map.

Although the sites are small, they have multiple entrances, so it can be a challenge to cover all the entrances at the same time. Having said that, the following lineups and setups will help you work your way around this issue for the most part.

Viper Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud Lineups for Fracture in Valorant

We’ll look at the two sites here from the perspective of Attacking and then from the perspective of Defending. It’s really hard to get the Snake Bite to accurately land on the area you want it to land, so we’ll mostly focus on the Toxic Screen and the Poison Cloud ability.


Site A

  • A-Wall-Attack
  • A-Attack-Effect
  • A-Poison-Cloud-Attack
  • A-Attack-One-Way

When it comes to Site A, the setup is fairly simple. Don’t head into the lobby just yet. Instead, go close to the ropeway and line up your crosshair as shown in the image above. Deploy your Toxic Screen ability from here. It should completely cover most of Site A, allowing you and your team safe entry into the site. Once you’re into the site, drop your Poison Cloud at the A Main entrance, effectively creating a one way here.

Site B

  • B-Wall-Attack
  • B-Attack-Effect

When you’re attacking Site B, align yourself with the boxes outside the site as seen in the image above. Deploy your Toxic Screen ability. This cuts the site in half and allows you to enter into the site without having much to worry about. You can also walk in and initiate a Spike plant as well!


Site A

  • A-Wall-Defense
  • A-Defense-Effect
  • A-Poison-Cloud-Defense
  • A-Defense-One-Way

To successfully defend this site, make your way to A Ropes from Defender Side Spawn and deploy your Toxic Screen ability as shown in the image above. This should effectively block off A Door and A Main. The only other opening on this site is the A Drop, so drop the Poison Cloud ability here and that should create an effective one-way.

Site B

  • B-Wall-Defense
  • B-Defense-Effect
  • B-Poison-Cloud-Defense
  • B-Defense-One-Way

As you make your way into the site from Defender Side Spawn, drop your Toxic Screen ability diagonally across B Generator, as shown in the image above. That should block the vision of any enemies trying to push into the site from here. Additionally, drop the Poison Cloud ability at B Arcade. You can then go ahead and camp either inside B Tower or on the site itself.

These are some of the lineups that you can use on Fracture in Valorant, while playing as Viper. If you love playing as this Agent, here are some more Viper lineups for Breeze, Lotus, and Split.

Valorant is now available on PC.

- This article was updated on January 31st, 2023