Valorant: Best Viper Lotus Setups

You can't hold your breath forever!

by Amitesh Dhar

Viper is the deadliest controller in Valorant and is very effective on the new map Lotus. The ability kit that Viper has, allows her to set up poisonous walls which hurt the enemy every time they pass through it.

Although she’s a valuable asset to every team, her abilities are lineup dependent. So there’s a small learning curve that you will have to take into account while playing as this Agent in the game. Having said that, here are some valuable Viper setups which will help make the lives of your team mates slightly easier on Lotus.

Easy Valorant Lotus Setups for Viper

Lotus is a brand new map in the game, and it might take you some time to get your hands on the intricate setups which can be used on this map. So while you’re getting used to the map itself, here are some easy setups that you can use, both while attacking and while defending.


Attacking on Lotus might be slightly tricky because the sites are closer to the Defender Side Spawn. However, with these lineups mentioned below, you will be able to quickly cordon off areas and enter the sites. In most cases, site entry won’t be uncontested, but with Viper’s abilities applying additional debuffs, they will act as strong deterrents.

Site A


When entering into Site A, stand close to the breakable wall on A Link. With your crosshair aligned as seen in the image above, deploy the Toxic Screen ability. That should block off most of Site A and give you a small area close to the rotating door here. This should allow you enough cover to push into the site and plant the Spike.

Site B

  • Lotus-B-Wall-Attack
  • Lotus-B-Poison-Orb-Attack

Site B is the smallest of the three sites on Lotus. Moreover, given that there’s a breakable wall here, you’ll need to be extra careful while entering this site. For cover, head over to B Pillars and deploy the Toxic Screen. Once enabled, you need to head into the site and drop your Poison Orb on B Link as seen in the image above. That should give you enough cover to plant the Spike.

Site C


When it comes to Site C, there are two major entry points into the site. It’s important to block both these entrances for better site control. To block them off, align yourself at C Mount as seen in the image above. Deploy your Toxic Screen and trigger it. If done correctly, this screen will block both entrances into Site C.

As an extra precautionary measure, whenever you plant the Spike, drop the Poison Cloud ability on the Spike itself, if you have the ability at hand. Whenever you hear someone defending the Spike, all you need to do is trigger the ability to deter them. This should buy you some time and allow you to swoop in for the kill.


Defending the three Sites on Lotus as Viper is comparatively easier because all three sites are close to the Defender Side Spawn. This gives you some extra time to move into the sites and set your abilities up accordingly.

Site A


To block the Site A visibility, head over to B Upper and deploy your Toxic Screen as seen in the image above. This should block off a major part of Site A, forcing the enemy to rotate into the other sites.

Site B


Unless the enemy is going in for a back stab, Site B is the easiest site to defend because it has just one entry point. There is another entry point, but for that, the enemy will have to break a wall. While that does act as an alarm in itself, all you need to do is place the Poison Cloud ability on the entrance into the site from B Main.

Site C


There are two entrances to Site C. To block them off, make your way to C Gravel and deploy your Toxic Screen ability as shown in the image above. That should cut off both the entry points, allowing your teammates to set up a perfect ambush in the area here.

These are some really basic Viper setups on Lotus in Valorant and should help you get the job done quite easily. Apart from her, here are some Agents who are equally good on the map. And while you’re working with Viper, here are some setups that you can use on Split and Breeze.

Valorant is available on PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023

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