5 Best Agents for the Lotus Map in Valorant

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by Amitesh Dhar

Lotus, the brand new map in Valorant, has finally gone live. It’s somewhat different from the other maps because it features two brand-new mechanics in the form of revolving doors and a silent drop. These two aspects make the map somewhat technical and the community is still trying to come up with appropriate strategies that work best on this map.

The Valorant Agent roster is quite diverse, each with their own unique set of abilities. While gun-play is the name of the game in this tactical shooter, the ability kits of certain Agents puts them on the backfoot when compared to the others on the roster. Here we’ll explore 5 Agents who are best suited for Lotus.

Top 5 Agents for the Lotus Map in Valorant

Quite similar to Ascent, the Lotus map in Valorant has three sites that you will have to fight for. Speaking of the mechanics, the two rotating doors, just like the teleporters on Bind, alert everyone on the map whenever they’re used. There’s also a breakable wall between A and B sites. Keeping these two factors in mind, here are five of the most influential Agents for the Lotus map in Valorant.



Fade is the newest initiator to join the Valorant Protocol. Although it’s been a while since she’s made it to the game, her entire kit makes her a wonderful Agent on Lotus. First of all, her abilities aren’t line-up dependent, so they’re easy to use. Secondly, unlike Sova’s Recon Bolt, it’s tough to evade her Haunt. For any map in the game, intel is key. With Fade, you’ll be able to quickly gather intel on your enemies, without much hassle.



Viper is probably the most versatile Agent on the roster. Her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud abilities can be effectively used to seal off areas of the map. While the only downside of her abilities is that most of them are fuel based, any enemy caught within their radius is poisoned temporarily, allowing you to swoop in and bag those kills with the least amount of effort required. If you’re smart enough with the placements, you won’t have a hard time denying the enemy when they’re pushing into a site.



The beauty of having a Killjoy on your team is that she can defend a single site all by herself and provide valuable intel while doing the same. The gadgets she uses can either be remotely triggered (Nanoswarm Grenades) or triggered whenever there’s an enemy in the vicinity (Alarm Bot and Turret), she is a force to be reckoned with. The only downside is that she’ll have to be in the vicinity of these gadgets for them to activate on their own. But even then, in most cases, the enemy will have to deal with her gadgets before they get to engage with her in a gunfight!



The Lotus map in Valorant is Harbor’s home ground. Both the map and the Agent are from India itself. While Harbor doesn’t have any home ground advantage on this map, his ability kit makes him very useful. Being able to bend water to his will, Harbor can use his High Tide ability to effectively wall off areas, preventing the enemy from entering into sites. He can even use his Cascade ability to slow down the enemy, making them easy targets.



Although it’s wise to be methodical on a map like Lotus in Valorant, it doesn’t hurt to have a player who isn’t afraid of rushing into a gunfight. Truth be told, Yoru’s ability kit makes him the perfect man for the job. Armed with flashes and the ability to teleport, Yoru is the perfect Agent to have if you wish to play aggressively. His Blindside and Fakeout abilities can help you control open areas easily, while his Gatecrash ability can help you push into sites and retake them if necessary, without much effort.

Yes, these five Agents can make your lives easy when you’re playing on the Lotus map in Valorant, but this list isn’t absolute. As mentioned before, this is a tactical shooter, so gun-play does have a vital role as well. Moreover, the map is fairly new, so there’s a lot of figuring out left to do before it hits the Competitive scene in Episode 6 Act 1. Feel free to experiment with all the other Agents in the game to see which one works the best for you!

Valorant is now available on PC.

- This article was updated on January 16th, 2023

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