Valorant: Best Viper Haven Lineups and Setups

No one can hold their breath forever!

by Amitesh Dhar
Image: Riot Games

Prior to Lotus, Haven was the only three-site map in Valorant and Viper is one of the best agents to use. Her ability set allows her to lock down areas easily, and damage enemies at the same time. So here are some lineups and setups that you can use while playing as Viper on this map.

Site-wise Viper Lineups for Haven in Valorant

To make things easier, we’ll divide the guide into two specific halves: Attacking and Defending. In each half, we’ll go over the best setups for each of the sites on Haven in Valorant. As an Agent, Viper is slightly difficult to master because her abilities are very lineup dependent. However, in the right hands, this Agent is very deadly and can often change the entire match.


Viper is an Agent with some really strong offensive capabilities. Not only can she provide adequate cover for aggressive peeks, but she can also hold off a site on her own.

Site A

  • Viper-A-Toxic-Screen-Attack
  • Viper-A-Poison-Cloud-Attack-Location
  • Viper-A-Poison-Cloud-Attack

Site A is one of the larger sites on Haven. Truth be told, Viper can flex her abilities on this site more than she can on the other sites. To set a proper defensive parameter, align your cursor with the doorway to A Main and deploy your Toxic Screen. Then head inside the door, and hug the corner to your right. Here, you align your crosshair with the second light bulb you see, and throw the Poison Cloud. That should land on the Tower Window and block the enemy’s sight.

  • Viper-A-Snake-Bite-Attack-Location
  • Viper-A-Snake-Bite-Attack-Alignment

For post-plant scenarios, stand on the cement sacks close to the doorway, and align your cursor as seen in the image above. If you’ve planted the Spike in A Default, two back-to-back snake bites should kill any enemy trying to defuse the Spike, provided you time the throws right.

Site B

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Site B is slightly hard to attack because it has openings on two sides, and it’s hard to anticipate where an attack will come from. To safely secure this site, make your way to B Window, and deploy the Toxic Screen ability as seen in the image above.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once done, approach the site, and throw the Poison Cloud on the doorway that isn’t covered. When both these abilities are triggered together, you’ll have enough cover to plant the Spike, and even ambush the enemies. Now, this setup allows you to plant the Spike in a location that is clearly visible from B Window. So you can choose to camp here and throw your Snake Bite at the Spike directly, no lineups needed.

Site C

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Getting a setup for Site C is slightly difficult because C Long and the site itself are slightly far apart. There’s not much space to come up for a lineup as such. Although some lineups do exist, they’re very difficult to execute. However, the simple Toxic Screen lineup, as seen in the image above, should easily do the trick.

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Viper excels as a defender as well on maps like Haven. Using her abilities, you can easily create one-ways, blocking the vision of the enemy. Moreover, her defensive setups are not as complicated as her offensive setups.

Site A

  • Viper-A-Poison-Cloud-Defend
  • Viper-A-Toxic-Screen-Defend

While defending Site A, drop the Poison Cloud at A Main itself, and then head to the side and deploy the Toxic Screen right past the sewers as seen in the image above. This should weaken the enemy for you, allowing you to easily pick them off one by one.

Site B

  • Viper-B-Poison-Cloud-Defend
  • Viper-B-Toxic-Screen-Defend

B Window is a pain point for defenders when the Spike has been planted at Site B. So, lineup your crosshair as seen in the image above and throw the Poison Cloud at B Window. When deployed it should create a one-way. For the Toxic Screen, deploy it across B Main, all the way into Site A as well.

Site C

  • Viper-C-Toxic-Screen-Defend
  • Viper-C-Poison-Cloud-Defend

The setup on Site C works just like the setup on Site B. Deploy the Toxic Screen across C Main and throw a Poison Cloud at the entrance from C Garage, and you will have blocked off all potential entry points into the site. The only thing you now have to worry about is a backstab, which you can easily cover with your Snake Bite ability in Valorant.

These are all the Viper lineups and setups that you will ever need on Haven in Valorant. Don’t forget to check out our Viper ability lineup guide for Fracture and Lotus as well!

- This article was updated on February 23rd, 2023