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Void Bastards How to Heal

Look for red medical ships to find Med Booths


In Void Bastards healing is done differently than other games.  You have to find a special area in a level to actually heal as there are no items that allow you to heal while on a ship.  You can heal before you start a mission, but if you take too much damage from enemies there is no way to recover that manually with a healing item. Healing prior to starting a mission requires that you have plenty of food as resting will cost you one unit of food.  In this guide we’ll explain how to heal prior to going aboard a ship and the only way that to heal once you’re on one.

Heal prior to leaving your ship


Each move that you make in Void Bastards will require that eat food and burn fuel.  Doing this will remove 1 unit of food and 1 unit of fuel from your supplies.  In eating that food you will also get some health back.  If you need more than one helping of food to further replenish your health you will need to use the rest option prior to boarding a ship.  You can choose to rest at any spot on the map, but doing so will cost you food while it increases your health in the process.

Heal at Med Terminal to Restore Health

The only way that we’ve seen that you can heal after boarding another ship is by finding a Med-Station.  These are, however, pretty rare.  If you absolutely need to visit a Med-Station you’re going to want to look for the red Xon ships.  They can Xon Organ Wagons or Ambulances.  These medical ships will have Med Terminals.  Regardless, you will be able to see whether a ship has a Med Terminal or not on the top right hand side of the screen when in the overworld map.  Once inside these ships you’re going to want to look for the Theatre area to access the Med Terminal.

Craft Items to Help you Stay Alive Longer at the Workbench


Since your health is a valuable commodity, you’re going to want to play carefully in Void Bastards.  But there are some different ways that you can increase your health and the ability to sustain more damage.   There are things like a vest that can be upgraded multiple times to increase your health.  The Heart Starter Upgrade (Surgery 4 Dummies and Control Collar) allow you to be revived if you happen to run out of health.