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War Thunder Update 3.29 Patch Notes

Today's update is focused on sound fixes.

by Diego Perez


A new update for War Thunder has been released, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes with this patch. This is a smaller update that only includes audio fixes. Several sound related bugs have been addressed with this patch. It’s not the most exciting thing, but when a game receives updates as often as War Thunder, sometimes you’re left with minor updates like this one. Here’s everything new with War Thunder update 3.29.

War Thunder Update 3.29 Patch Notes

  • Sound
    • A bug has been fixed that caused an absence of sound events with gun fire on ground and naval vehicles under certain conditions.
    • A bug has been fixed where sound events for engines on ground vehicles and aircraft were missing.
    • The engine sound for incoming allied/enemy aircraft has been made clearer.
    • The sound notification connected to the destruction of enemy vehicles in aircraft SB has been disabled.
    • The sound of ‘scraping’ on the hulls of ground vehicles in contact with each other has been added.
    • Sounds for the ‘scraping’ of a ship’s hull with obstacles and the hulls of other ships, as well as sounds of scraping on an aircraft’s fuselage on the ground, will now be more natural in fade out after losing contact with the affected surface, or after stopping.

For more information on War Thunder updates, check out the official War Thunder changelog.

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