War Thunder Update 3.83 Patch Notes

Loads of new stuff

by Damian Seeto

Update 3.83 has arrived for War Thunder, and here’s the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch.

Developer Gaijin Entertainment has now released a brand new update for War Thunder today. If you play the PS4 version of the game, the patch number is 3.83. For PS5 owners, the patch number should come out as 01.000.048.

Unlike lots of other updates for the game, today’s patch is pretty huge because it includes loads of new content. It comes with new aircraft, new ground vehicles, new locations and missions and more.

You can read a blurb of the patch notes posted down below.

War Thunder Update 3.83 Patch Notes

“This update brings a wealth of new vehicles and improvements to War Thunder, including such legendary aircraft as the MiG-27M and the Swedish Viggen! New guided bombs are making their way into the game, along with many additional features – two new maps, an updated test drive, a fire control system for ships, new visual effects, Nvidia DLSS 2.2 and so much more!”

Information taken above comes from the game’s official website. You can visit the link if you want to see the full patch notes for this new update. War Thunder is out now for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.