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Warframe – How to Earn Requiem Relics and Mods

A new system, a new grind.

by Brandon Adams


With Warframe’s Update 26, we’ve been introduced to the Kuva Lich, but you’ll need Requiem Mods from Requiem Relics to take it down.

Requiem Relics are earned from Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions.

While somewhat bugged when the update launched (as is tradition), Kuva Siphon and Kuva Flood missions are where you need to be grinding if you wish to acquire the new Requiem Relics. Flood missions guarantee a Requiem relic as a reward, while standard Kuva Siphon missions have a 30% chance at dropping one.

*UPDATE* As of a recent patch, Siphons have been boosted to a 50% drop rate for relics, and killing Thralls can drop relics, but at a 10% drop rate.

There are four types total, each with two of the eight Requiem mods within. These relics can be refined like other relics in the Void Relic Refinement screen, and also contain Riven Slivers: which can be combined by Palladino (of Chains of Harrow fame) into completed Rivens.


Requiem Mods are used in the Parazon to conquer the Kuva Lich.

So, you have a handful of these new Requiem mods, but how do they work? They’re sole purpose (currently) is to take down the Kuva Lich. Once you have a lich active, kill his thralls in Influenced missions to gain murmurs that’ll reveal what Requiem mods your lich is vulnerable to. Once you figure out the three it hates, you go to your Parazon in your arsenal and equip the appropriate mods.

There are a couple rules, however. First, the mods need to be in a specific order within the Parazon if you wish to kill the lich, and you can only figure out the order via trial and error. The lich’s profile page lists all your attempts at its life, and which mod slots were correct (not which mod mind you, so you’ll need to keep track of what mod was in what slot when they are deemed worthy). Second, each mod has three charges that are consumed only if you successfully defeat your lich. Once all three charges are gone the mod will be consumed.

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- This article was updated on:November 23rd, 2019

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