Warframe: Nyx Prime Build Guide

A mod setup guide for Nyx Prime for crowd control and survivability 

by Elliott Gatica

Nyx Prime, the manipulator of the battlefield, is a Warframe that should definitely be in everyone’s inventory. She’s not what is considered the meta in the game, but she sure is a lot of fun with her ability kit. Her abilities aren’t going to clear the screen of enemies and scale infinitely, but she sure can serve as the perfect crowd controller.

Nyx has never been a bad frame, but given the game’s meta of destroying the opposition as quickly and efficiently as possible, she isn’t as sought out nowadays. What she does very well is locking down a spot for defensive purposes. Her better abilities are obviously her Chaos and Absorb abilities, which I mostly focus on in the following build.

Here is the build I came up for with Nyx Prime, with a Helminth Subsumed ability for further utility:

Nyx Prime Build


The purpose of this build is to focus on as much range as possible, with maximizing efficiency and maintaining duration with positive stats. Strength does not matter too much for this build since she’s not a damage-dealing type. I purposely don’t like to use survivability mods like Vitality or even Adaptation. 

This build does require a lot of specific things to work, since it will be a very energy-hungry type. You’ll see that I applied two augment mods on this build: Assimilate and Spectrosiphon

Assimilate allows Nyx to use her weapons and move around, but with a huge blow to her mobility. This does also render her invincible until the ability runs out of energy or it’s dispelled by a nullifying ability. However, to offset the passive energy drain from keeping the ability up, you can remove her Mind Control or Psychic Bolts abilities with Gara’s Spectrorage ability via the Helminth system. 

This is where the second augment, Spectrosiphon comes into play. The Spectrosiphon augment modifies the property of the ability, causing defeated enemies within the Spectrorage to have a 50% chance to drop an energy orb. These dropped orbs can then be picked up to maintain Nyx Prime’s energy. She can’t passively earn energy with Zenurik’s Energizing Dash or any of Harrow or Trinity’s energy boosting abilities. 

Here’s the vital part of the build: Arcane Energize

Arcane Energize, especially at max rank, grants a sizable and additional energy boost, even when channeling an ability. This allows for Nyx Prime to have a nearly indefinite upkeep of her Absorb, which is basically her way of surviving lethal hits. The second arcane slot is totally up to your liking. 

It seems like a lot to set up, but it really breaks away from the monotony that comes from the endless missions in Warframe. This build is also versatile enough to bring to something like an Excavation mission. Because she has a positive duration stat, at least in this build, you can cast her Chaos ability. Then, top it off with a Spectrorage to basically make enemies fight each other in a glass circle. This’ll draw aggro off of the enemies, giving you an easier opportunity for abundant energy!

Again, this isn’t the most top-tier build that can delete enemies in the blink of an eye, but it is quite useful when in the right settings, especially when saving team mates. 

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