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WarioWare: Get it Together! How to Earn Coins

Break the bank Wario style!

by Elliott Gatica


WarioWare: Get it Together! has more than just Micro Games and silly modes to partake in, the game also rewards you with some in-game incentives for further unlocks. Such incentives are in the form of coins which will be needed to buy items so you can give them to your crewmates via the Break Room.

There are many ways in this game where you can earn coins; here are a few good places to start to increase your coin count.

Where to farm coins in WarioWare: Get it Together!

Complete the Story Mode

When you complete a story mode chapter for the first time, you will earn coins. Also, if you fail for the first time, there is an option to continue. Try not to select that or else it’ll spend coins. Retry the entire stage rather than picking up where you left off.

Complete the missions


Missions in WarioWare: Get it Together are like achievements or milestones you’d get in other games. Such missions will require you to reach a certain score threshold or higher in a Micro Game genre. The more difficult missions tend to give you bigger payouts too!

Place in a rank in Wario Cup

You’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to do this. Participate in the weekly Wario Cup games where you can place into a certain point threshold. The higher you rank, the more coins you earn when the event is over. Usually, these events will give you preselected teams and some conditions to play them under.

Play endurance runs


Upon completing the game’s story, you can go back and try to get scores above 15. Keep in mind, the Micro Games become progressively faster and more difficult as you advance further! However, the payout will become bigger once your run ends.

Beat each game’s Passing Score with Crewmate selection to “With All”

From a tier list I created not too long ago, there are definitely characters who are more suited for the job. However, there is an option to play a series of Micro Games with the entire cast, adding more random factors and difficulty to your playthrough. However, as an incentive in doing so, you can be rewarded with coins. When you play in the Play-o-pedia, each game has a “Passing Score: With All” section where if you complete that game X amount of times by using your whole crew for the first time, you’ll be compensated with coins!

Master the bonus stages


After every boss round in running story mode, there will be a bonus stage. You’ll assume control of the character you just used to clear the stage. It’ll be as quick as the other games you just played. With the time allotted, you have to collect as many coins as possible. A typical round should net you around 80 to 150 coins.

WarioWare: Get it Together! is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for an upcoming review of the game as well as additional guides which you can follow by clicking here.

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