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WarioWare: Get it Together! How to Unlock Wario Cup

Are you up for some challenges?

by Elliott Gatica


WarioWare: Get it Together! has a sizable number of modes to keep players occupied after completing the main story. You have the variety pack that can go up to four players and you also have the story mode and Play-o-pedia to sink some time into. However, there is another mode called Wario Cup which acts like a challenge mode of sorts.

What is Wario Cup?

Wario Cup is an online mode that features weekly rotating events/challenges. The game will provide some kind of preset team, games, and conditions. They can either be in the form of Timed Attacks or Score Attacks.

There is also a formula in which the game calculates your overall score. Depending on your performance, you will be placed in different tiers. Each tier will have different rewards, so the better you do, the higher you’ll be placed. In return, your rewards will come in the form of large coin payouts and rare consumable items for your crewmates.


Since the game has only been out for a week as of writing this article, the only challenge known at this time is the Speed Skater event. This one, for example, has you playing as 9-Volt in a series of 34 Micro Games at an extremely high speed. If you have played as him, you will know that his playstyle revolves around him moving left and right while swinging his yo-yo upwards for interaction.
The preselected Micro Games in this event revolve around precision and hitting things above you. Next week’s theme should appear by September 13 just before the day ends.

How do I unlock Wario Cup?

To unlock Wario Cup, you must simply beat the story mode. However, you have to reach the actual ending. When you reach the actual ending, you should have also unlocked all the characters.

Do I need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership to play?

You do not need a Nintendo Switch Online membership to partake in Wario Cup, though you will need an internet connection. Playing Wario Cup without the membership will just not allow you to post your scores online to compare and compete with other people, including your friends.


WarioWare: Get it Together! is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Click here to read more about the game like guides and a review in the near future.

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