Warzone DMZ X-Rays | How to Kill 10 Enemies With Headshots in Radiation

Are you trying to kill the 10 enemies in radiation with Headshots for X-Rays in DMZ?

by Gordon Bicker
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Warzone DMZ has many missions which require you to put your character in a lot of danger to complete some objectives such as the X-Rays mission. You will need to get a total of 10 headshots in radiation from a distance of 35 meters away so it can take some time to complete. This article will take you through how to kill the 10 enemies in Radiation that you need in Warzone DMZ.

Where to Get a Gas Mask in DMZ

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Before venturing into the Radiation Zone I highly recommend you find a Gas Mask as it is a necessity to protect yourself. Similar to finding Disguises very quickly, you will be able to find a Gas Mask easily in containers on the train in Al Mazrah. This map is the best for this mission as the Radiation Zones are nice and large — great for hunting down some enemies in it!

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Once you have acquired a Gas Mask, you don’t need to equip it since it is automatically active. This means you will now be close to fully prepared for the next stage of the mission. The process shouldn’t take too long for the Gas Mask preparation.

How to Kill 10 Enemies in Radiation With Headshots From 35 Meters

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Before traveling to a Radiation Zone, having a sniper (or any long-range single-fire weapon) will make killing the enemies from the 35-meter distance much easier, I have found. When you are ready, travel to the area on the map with a large yellow (colored) circle with the Radiation symbol inside. Enter into it and your Gas Mask will be equipped. Aim on the enemy heads and then make your shots precisely.

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If you don’t have a sniper on you then you can still fire your other weapons slowly to get headshots from the 35-meter distance instead. Once you have killed 10 enemies from the aforenoted distance, you will now have completed the X-Rays DMZ mission — well done!

- This article was updated on August 2nd, 2023

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