Warzone Pharaoh Location: How to Secure the Skulls and Place Them in the Sarcophagus in The Haunting

Sadly Brendan Fraser and The Rock were not included.

by J.R. Waugh
Warzone & DMZ How to Secure Skulls for Sarcophagus to Fight Pharaoh The Haunting Location Tomb
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While there are plenty of zombies, demons, and other creatures in COD Warzone & DMZ for the Haunting event, who could forget mummies for Spooky Month? While this addition is perhaps less surprising than Butcher from Diablo, the idea of resurrecting and then obliterating a powerful mummy is enticing, especially since you’ll need to for Operation Nightmare. But to awaken the Pharaoh in Warzone & DMZ, you’ll need to gather some skulls and place them in the sarcophagus in The Haunting, so here’s how to do it!

Where to Find the Pharaoh in Warzone & DMZ: The Haunting

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The Pharaoh is underground in a burial site at The Oasis location at the northwestern corner of the map. It’ll resemble an Egyptian tomb you can enter either from a pit you can climb down or through some doors on a lower part of the area. Inside, you’ll find the tomb is heavily guarded by resilient soldiers, and headshots will matter here.

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But once you reach the tomb, and find the sarcophagus through one of the doors in the hallway, you’ll need to secure 5 red glowing skulls.

What Are the Red Skulls for in The Haunting?

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You’ll find glowing red skull items while trying to resurrect the Pharaoh from his sarcophagus. You’ll need to clear room in your inventory, then go to the sarcophagus, holding ‘Square’ or ‘X’ to deposit them, 5 in total. You can find these throughout this underground tomb complex on the floor, so if you’ve got a squad of 4, you can clear this part of the challenge quickly.

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But then the hard part begins.

How to Defeat the Pharaoh and Complete His Challenge in Warzone & DMZ

Pharaoh is super durable in COD Warzone & DMZ, rivaled largely only by the Butcher in these challenges. He is heavily armored, and only once you break this armor down, you’ll find he does quickly thereafter. However, there are some tips I can impart to you, having killed him once in a squad with my colleague Thomas Cunliffe, and again while flying solo:

  • He is slow, so you can run ahead, turn back, and pump a clip into him before retreating
  • Grenades will hurt him just like any weapon, and he doesn’t move quickly enough to evade
  • Lure him outside, away from his guards, this will make it way easier without the added threats
  • If you can bait him to a ledge and mantle it, you’ll have a few extra seconds while he struggles to keep up
  • Consider armor-piercing rounds, but any weapon will do. I used an FTAC Recon when I soloed him
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Finally, my last tip for you is to consider playing Operation Nightmare’s challenges through DMZ instead of Warzone, to lower the chances of too many other players joining and ruining your fun.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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