PSA: Warzone’s Haunting Challenges are Way Easier in DMZ

Have a smoother, spooky time in DMZ completing the Operation Nightmare challenges!

by J.R. Waugh
COD Warzone Haunting DMZ PSA Evil Dead
Image: Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone can be a tricky experience for those looking to enjoy the spoils of another great Haunting event. With prospects such as fighting the Butcher and other spooky enemies, you’ll not want the experience to be soured by an oversaturation of players trying to gun you down. But we’re here to tell you a neat little secret: if you’ve been playing Battle Royale thinking it’s the only way to play Operation Nightmare, we’re happy to clear that up! COD Warzone’s Haunting challenges are way easier in the DMZ mode!

Switch from COD Warzone to DMZ for an Easier Time With Haunting Boss Challenges

Image: Activision

That’s right: you can play DMZ in the Al Mazrah map to complete the Operation Nightmare Haunting challenges instead of grinding them in COD Warzone! I for one was relieved by this option, as it allows players to go into a game fully kitted out with a sufficient loadout to raid the Ghost Train or pump the Butcher full of lead.

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The biggest bonus to choosing DMZ over Warzone in the Haunting event is simple: fewer players to ruin your run. While NPCs are dotting the map to make up for this difference, they’re far easier to clear. As our editor Diego Perez puts it, “24 players vs. 150 players is a HUGE difference” and you’ll be far less stressed trying to clear the event. This means clearing the anomalies for the UFO, taking down the Butcher, and even spotting those pesky evil spirits.

However, there is one downside I’ve noticed is the lack of aerial deployment, forcing you to find the objectives on foot or by land vehicle. But it’s a worthy trade-off for completing these extremely fun events in Call of Duty: Warzone & DMZ, so get out there, squad up with friends, and get into the spirit of the season!

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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