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Watch Dogs: Legion Hacking – How to Hack

You'd can apparently do a lot with a phone nowadays.

by Brandon Adams


In Watch Dogs: Legion you’ll have to hack often to succeed. I mean, it’s kind of Watch Dogs’ unique selling point: hacking allows you to control the world around you, thanks to the “Internet of Things” connecting everything in Watch Dogs. Legion has made it easier than ever to hack, though there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Watch Dogs: Legion has a Quick Hack button, and a Hacking Menu.

There are a couple ways to successfully hack in Watch Dogs: Legion, none easier than the contextual Quick Hack. The Quick Hack is simple in execution: a default hack will always be assigned to the hack key (Q on keyboard, Left-Bumper on gamepad), and it will change based on what you’re targeting. One tap is all you need to trigger the hack, and it can range from a fast distraction to draw away the attention of an approaching guard, to swerving cars out of your way on the road.

The Quick Hack icon is in the bottom-left of the HUD, next to the minimap. Keep an eye on it as you deploy Quick Hacks, because individual hacks have a cooldown. In other words, if you just hacked a guard’s phone to distract them it’ll be a few seconds until you can do it again, and the Quick Hack icon will display how much longer you have to wait. That, and it tells you what the contextual hack is in the first place (that’s kind of important).

If you’d like to pick and choose your hacks in Watch Dogs: Legion, or want to peruse the other options available to you, then all you need to do is hold down the hack menu button to bring up a selection of different hacks. This remains the Left-Bumper on gamepad, but you’ll need to click and hold the Middle-Mouse wheel if using a mouse and keyboard. A selection of available hacks will appear with their associated hotkeys, and all you need to do is tap the one you want to use.

Available hacks can be expanded by grabbing hacks from the Tech tree, or via Operator Skills. The world is your oyster if you properly hack in Watch Dogs: Legion, so be sure to review what hacks you have on-hand during any given situation. Hack for success!

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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