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Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Change Music

The music slaps, but the inability to create a playlist doesn't.

by Brandon Adams


Watch Dogs: Legion, like most modern-day (ish) open-world games has a relatively robust soundtrack of licensed music. It’ll play ambiently from radios scattered throughout London, from within pubs, and while driving (motorcycles and mopeds included). You can change your music station while driving, but if you were hoping to curate a playlist of your own then I have bad news.

You can only change music whilst driving in Watch Dogs: Legion.

That’s right, you can only cycle between the available music stations broadcasting in-game. There is currently no way to pick and choose what music plays on what station, nor can you create a playlist of your own using the licensed music in Watch Dogs: Legion. It’s an odd omission, when you consider vastly older games like Saints Row The Third let you do so. Hopefully Ubisoft adds the feature if there’s enough feedback to stir them into action.

In the interim, you can do a couple of things with the music in-game. While driving you can shift between music stations by tapping “,” or “.” on keyboard, or by pressing Left on the D-Pad. Holding down the button, or pressing “/” on keyboard will mute the music. If you’d like to disable licensed music entirely within Watch Dogs: Legion (say, because you’re a streamer trying to avoid a DCMA takedown), you can do so from within the Audio menu within the game’s options. You can also stop music from automatically playing whenever you enter a vehicle from this menu.

There are only a handful of music stations available, and the variety of music on offer is good, but no where near as comprehensive as other open-world games. Expect a lot of British pop, rock, hip-hop, techno, and even some classical music to listen to. Each station has a unique icon that is displayed above the minimap, along with the title and artist for the track playing (this does disappear after a few seconds, however). So, if you do find something you like you can at least use this information to hunt it down on Spotify, or whatever music streaming service you use.

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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