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Watch Dogs: Legion – How to Use Auto-Drive

Let your car do the driving for you.

by Brandon Adams


Watch Dogs: Legion takes place in near-future London, and it seems every car has some form of auto-drive available by the time the game takes place. While you can’t take advantage of the feature on any of the motorcycles and mopeds in the game, any four-wheeled vehicle can be set to auto-drive, assuming you’ve set a waypoint on your map first.

Auto-drive in Watch Dogs: Legion can be enabled within any four-wheeled vehicle.

Auto-drive is insanely simple to use in Watch Dogs: Legion. All you need to do is enter a vehicle and press either X/A on controller, or Z on keyboard. Thing is, without a waypoint, your vehicle will simply follow a straight path forward. So, to take full advantage of auto-drive you’ll first want to open your map with Select/Tab then place a waypoint. You can do so by tapping X/A, or Right-Clicking on the map. Once you see blue arrows leading to your destination enable auto-drive to set off, hands-free!

Do bear in mind auto-drive in Watch Dogs: Legion follows the rules of the road. Your vehicle will stop at red lights, brake for crossing pedestrians, and avoid plowing into other vehicles. It’s not as fast as manually driving, but it does allow you to look around and scout potential recruits, trigger security barriers, and more. You can always disable auto-drive at any time by tapping X/A or Z again, if you find the pace isn’t to your liking.

It’s also worth pointing out that auto-drive does not follow orange arrows generated by missions. If you want to auto-drive during a mission you’ll need to open your map and set a separate waypoint. It’s a touch cumbersome, but if you try and auto-drive with only orange arrows your vehicle will act like there isn’t a waypoint set. Which, there technically isn’t, according to your auto-drive. Good times.

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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