What Are the Chapter Songs for Alan Wake 2?

If Shazam isn't working for you, we've got you covered for the chapter songs in Alan Wake 2!

by J.R. Waugh
Chapter Songs in Alan Wake 2
Image: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 has some strikingly beautiful music not just in its score, but in the episodic conclusions similar to end credits known as chapter songs. As you play, you might be wondering where you can find this music, and just how meaningful it is.

The tones and lyrics can shift dramatically between each chapter song, each conveying different moods and situations present in the game. There are lots of dream pop beats and mesmerizing melodies across 7 tracks that are thankfully quite easy to find!

Are the Alan Wake 2 Chapter Songs on Spotify?

The Alan Wake 2 chapter songs are collected on Spotify here, with credit to its corresponding artists, several of the most popular in Finland. With Remedy and Sam Lake’s Finnish roots, Alan Wake 2 leans far more prominently into the country’s trends and traditions, as shown in the residents of Bright Falls and its surrounding communities in the sequel. The chapter songs are listed below:

Alan Wake 2 Chapter SongArtist
Follow You Into The DarkRAKEL
Wide AwakeJaimes
Lost At SeaJean Castel
Dark, Twisted and CruelPaleface
No One Left To LoveROOS + BERG
Night SpringsKeira

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The tunes range from dreamlike beats about exploring the strange worlds of the Overlap such as RAKEL’s song, to melancholy lamentations like in Wide Awake by Jaimes. They shift perspectives between characters, and you can feel their moods in these bespoke lyrics, while other songs take a dramatic shift into more intense directions.

Dark, Twisted and Cruel might evoke images of interference with reality and Alan’s gift being twisted in horrific directions. Night Springs is the most surprising tonal shift, but its energy is still totally appropriate with lyrics that tie into the plot nicely, especially as a callback to an iconic in-game TV show from the original Alan Wake. Each song is not only catchy in its own right, and while the genres can shift somewhat between each artist, the dream pop elements among several are where things click.

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2023

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