What Do “Your Springs Are Reacting” and “The Ergo is Responding” Mean in Lies of P?

What do these mysterious prompts mean in Lies of P?

by Marc Magrini
Lies of P Review
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Lies of P is a game that forces players to struggle against difficult challenges. Not all of these challenges involve beating down tough foes, however. Every now and then, players will be pushed to pick dialogue choices, with many of them involving questionable lies and a prompt at the end. These prompts, such as “your springs are reacting” and “the ergo is responding,” are how Lies of P tracks the player’s choices throughout their journey.

The Meaning Behind “Your Springs Are Reacting” and “The Ergo is Responding” in Lies of P

When you first encounter a prompt like this, it will be when you enter Hotel Krat. The only way to get inside is through lying, as “a puppet cannot lie” according to the game’s world. This will cause the aforementioned spring prompt to appear, noting that the main character’s body is going through some changes. These prompts are simply indications of the game’s lying and humanity systems, which will eventually affect the ending you obtain.

These prompts will appear throughout numerous points in the game where you either lie or show human traits, such as when completing the Weeping Woman’s side quest. They only really indicate when you’re getting more humanity, but humanity itself will cause some minor changes. Your character’s appearance and interactions will be altered as you get more of these prompts, though all of these changes are primarily visual rather than gameplay-based.

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In the end, there is no notable gameplay downside to showing humanity. In fact, many players will want to gain as much humanity as possible, since it’s the only way to achieve one of the endings. If you simply want to play through all of the game’s content, there’s little need to hesitate in picking whatever choices you’d like.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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