Lies of P Puppet or Human: Should You Lie at Hotel Krat?

Should you tell the truth?

by Diego Perez
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It’s fitting that a dark reimagining of the story of Pinocchio would involve lying, and Lies of P will force you to choose between deception and honesty quite often throughout your journey. The first major decision in Lies of P takes place at the entrance of Hotel Krat, the game’s main hub area. Puppets aren’t allowed in, but you need to get inside anyway. So, should you lie and say you’re a human, or should you reveal your puppet identity at Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

Should You Lie at Hotel Krat in Lies of P?

This decision is the tutorial for the lying mechanic in Lies of P, so you’re forced to lie in order to proceed. You can’t progress any further in the game without lying and saying you’re a human. If you say you’re a puppet, you’ll be turned away until you come back and choose the other dialogue option.

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When you lie and choose the puppet option, you’ll get a notification that your springs are reacting. This doesn’t do anything yet, but this is the tutorial to show you that lying will change things down the road when you’re making future decisions.

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What Does Lying Do in Lies of P?

There’s a hidden Humanity mechanic in Lies of P that awards invisible points based on your choice to either tell the truth or lie during certain quests. You’ll occasionally see messages like “your springs are reacting” or “the Ergo is responding” to let you know which way you’re leaning whenever you make a decision. Lying or telling the truth can lead you to different endings in Lies of P, so try to be consistent with your choices throughout your journey.

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Despite that, this decision at Hotel Krat doesn’t affect anything in the grand scheme of things. Again, it’s just the tutorial to introduce you to the mechanic. It’s the only time in the game where you’re forced to lie, and you aren’t penalized for choosing that option. Once you’ve lied your way into Hotel Krat, you’ll have access to several shops and services that will help you upgrade your character to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

- This article was updated on September 18th, 2023

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