What Does Overzealous do in Dead by Daylight? Explained

Find out what the Overzealous perk does in DBD.

by Christian Bognar
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Dead by Daylight mid-chapter update has just launched, and with it comes new challenges, killer tweaks, and updates to various perks. Overzealous is one of the perks that got fine-tuned in the update — which was always frowned upon by the community due to its lack of usefulness. Fans no longer have to worry as Dead by Daylight’s latest update fixed it, making it one that players should equip as soon as possible. Here is everything you need to know about Overzealous in Dead by Daylight.

What Does the Overzealous Perk do in Dead by Daylight?

Players can activate the Overzealous perk after cleansing or blessing a Totem. Once activated, the Generator repair speed is increased by 8%/9%/10%. These numbers can double if you bless a Hex totem making it shoot up to 16%/18%/20%. The perk stays activated until the player loses a health state in any way possible.

The Overzealous perk can be maximized to its full potential by having four players equip it in one match— increasing the Generator speed by a ton. The main reason why this is true is that if more than one player is working on repairing the generator, the time it takes to finish shortens. Below are the normal times one player takes to repair a generator compared to a higher number of players. Remember that these numbers decrease even further when the Overzealous perk is activated and used.

  • One player: 80 seconds
  • Two players: 47.06 seconds.
  • Three players: 38.1 seconds.
  • Four players: 36.36 seconds.

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How Update 6.7.0 Fixed the Overzealous Perk

Update 6.7.0 fixes this perk, considering previously it would only increase Generator repair speed by 6%/7%/8%. The numbers don’t seem like a massive jump, but for a game such as Dead by Daylight, one of the game’s main objectives is to escape the killers hunting you. Fixing generators make escaping much more manageable — so to do this at a faster rate makes a world of difference.

So overall, big thanks to the latest Dead by Daylight update, which has made repairing generators much easier! To see what else the update fixed and the full patch notes, check out the official Dead by Daylight website.

- This article was updated on April 18th, 2023

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