What Does Well Rested Mean in Starfield?

Are you wondering what being Well-Rested does for you in Starfield?

by Gordon Bicker
Image in Starfield of a character standing in front of a bed with their arms open and inviting in.
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Starfield has many systems and mechanics to learn pretty much as soon as you jump into the game for the first time and the “Well Rested” status that can pop up is one of those. If you aren’t familiar with The Elder Scrolls or Fallout games then I know you may have not seen the Well Rested bonus before. This article will take you through exactly what the Well Rested status is and how to get it.

Well Rested Status Effect Bonus in Starfield

Before you start to fully experiment with trying out weapon upgrade benches and the like, you probably would have rested on a bed at some point and then noticed a “Well Rested” statement appear on the screen. This is a status effect that is applied to your character and it will result in a 10% experience point gain for a set amount of time. This, in my opinion, makes it extremely worthwhile to make sure you are getting it as often as possible.

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All you have to do to be Well Rested is find a nearby bed, I recommend the one on your ship and sleep on it for any amount of hours. It doesn’t matter if you are in bed for one hour or 24 hours, you will still get that sweet, sweet Well Rested bonus at the end of it.

How Long Does Being Well Rested Last

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The time being Well Rested lasts for is 24 minutes, but since you are able to keep getting it over and over again that isn’t an issue. However, if you want to precisely find out how much time you have left of your bonus then you can. In order to find the time left, open up your main overview menu and then open up the Status menu with either the B key on PC or Y on Xbox.

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Underneath the “Status Effects” text you will be able to see the Well Rested effect listed and next to it will be a colored timer. That timer is not in hours but it is just the minutes and seconds remaining out of the initial 24-minute bonus you received. It can be checked at anytime you require and now that you know all this, it’s time to hop back into Starfield and get into your bed for a great experience point boost.

- This article was updated on September 6th, 2023

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