What Happens to Gear When Slots Are Full in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can't I just use Evanesco on them?

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Your inventory is going to fill up very quickly in Hogwarts Legacy. There are so many chests to open, especially if you venture off the beaten path by spamming Revelio! With the amount of leveling you’ll do and all the gear you get, you will run out of space. Once your gear slots are full in Hogwarts Legacy, what happens to the new ones you’ll get?

What Happens to My Gear When Slots Are Full in Hogwarts Legacy?

So, say you hit your maximum allotted 20/20 and you’re in a dungeon. What will happen is that you cannot pick up new gear. You can go up to a chest and open it, but if you’re maxed out, you’ll receive a notification that says you can’t pick it up. 

Gear is Necessary, But There’s So Much

As you progressively level up your character in the game, you’re going through so much trash gear. Inventory management is a huge part of Hogwarts Legacy. You’re going to be constantly visiting vendors and selling all obsolete gear after every few quests. 

This can be a chore because it does slow down progression. However, gear is such an important aspect of the game as you start facing tougher enemies along the way. If this becomes an issue for you, it’s best to take on a handful of Merlin Trials so you can upgrade your inventory space

Destroy and Sell Your Gear

Unless it’s very necessary, you can destroy some gear in your inventory to make space for new pieces. The only problem is that you could have sold that gear for money instead of breaking it down and getting nothing from it. 

If you want to maximize the amount of money you get in the game, make sure to clear your inventory out before taking on any major quest. At the minimum, you’ll have 6 slots taken up by the things you currently have equipped. 

Once you get the hang of visiting a vendor in Hogsmeade and selling your wares for the next quest, you’ll have a pretty pile of galleons waiting to be spent on plants, potions, and recipes!

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2023