What is Starting Speed in Sonic Frontiers?

It's best to go with a running start.

by Elliott Gatica

While Sonic Frontiers does a good job of explaining many of its explorable aspects in-game, there are some things that might confuse you. Particularly in its menu options, you have to sort of test some features listed to you. While we all know things like camera axis, vibration, and sensitivity, there are some more obscure things. One of them is starting speed, so we can explain what that is in Sonic Frontiers.

Starting Speed in Sonic Frontiers Explained

Think of starting speed as acceleration. The slower it is, the more time it’ll take to get Sonic moving. If it’s at the lowest possible setting, he’ll take some time to ramp up. He’ll walk slowly and build momentum, eventually jogging, running, then full-on sprinting. This will be more useful if you want to perform more precise movements.

The higher the starting speed, the quicker Sonic will move upon moving him in any direction. This includes controlling both during levels and out in the open world. For those who are more familiar with the movements and controls in modern Sonic games, this is the optimal way to go.

In the number levels like 1-1 and so forth, there will be an objective to reach the end within a certain time limit. Your overall grade is based on the time it took to get there. So, a high starting speed will make those missions easier.

He’ll even feel more responsive when it comes to switching directions on a whim. The point of a Sonic game is to go fast, so you should practice moving with an ideally maxed starting speed. Pair that with certain FPS options and it’ll feel like you unlocked true movement potential in this game.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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