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What’s in the Watch Dogs: Legion Store

Yep, there are microtransaction in Watch Dogs: Legion.

by Brandon Adams


Watch Dogs: Legion is the latest game from Ubisoft, and that means it has a store full of microtransactions. They’re not the most offensive I’ve seen in a AAA-title (to include Ubisoft’s previous releases), yet it’s still good to know what Watch Dogs: Legion is offering up for extra cash.

The store in Watch Dog: Legion predominately features cosmetics, with a few exceptions.

The store in Watch Dogs: Legion is mostly full of cosmetic outfits for your operatives, and they’re not the most expensive I’ve seen this year. Naturally, you need to purchase a premium currency – WD Credits – to actually buy anything within the store, and the values are tuned to ensure you always have just a little more WD Credits than required per item.

That’s not to say the outfits are cheap: each is 1000 WD Credits, which is either two separate $5 purchases, or one $10 purchase that will leave you 100 WD Credits leftover. Bundles go for 1500 WD Credits, so it is cheaper to buy the bundle than each outfit on its own. Outside outfits, there are a few “convenience” items for sale, such as operatives.


That’s right, there are three “prestige” operatives up for grabs, and they each possess some rather potent skills and a unique outfit that becomes accessible to all of your operatives after purchase. Since Ubi provided these with my copy of the game I don’t have the exact WD Credit cost for either the individual operatives or the bundle with all three, so I will update this article once I find out the cost.

You can also exchange WD Credits for ETO, the in-game currency for Watch Dogs: Legion, within the store. 300 WD Credits will net you 6,000 ETO, and 900 sets you up with 24,000. Finally, there’s a Collectibles map for 500 WD Credits that will highlight all the masks, relics, and tech points on the map without any effort on your part. This isn’t really required, but you do you.

The Season Pass is also in the Watch Dogs: Legion store, but this costs actual cash. Once the game is live you can buy the Season Pass for $40 (it is currently only available within one of the premium editions of Watch Dogs: Legion).

- This article was updated on:October 28th, 2020

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